Website Sale Terms & Conditions

It is not our intent to hide trick or mislead anyone on the pricing or availability of our websites for sale. All websites are offered at $25 as a promotional tool to allow our company to acquire new hosting clients and giving new site owners a foot in the door with an existing search engine seated and traffic producing website.

This is a unique opportunity with most of the websites having been online for at least 4 years and almost all have a trail of cash from affiliate programs and or online advertising. You could never buy sites like this commercially because the sites have been worked in the search engines and run though the important aging process to acquire page rank and visibility. You wont find any other offers like these anyware and available sites is extremely limited. In optimizing these sites the cost of the domain registrations and hosting has exceeded $500 each not to mention the hours of work done on the sites. It is a truly unique deal and to make this offer we need to pose some restrictions so everyone benefits from the deal and assets are protected.

To make the deal fair and affordable to everyone the following conditions apply to all sales.

All websites are sold "AS IS". meaning that if the website is populated with affiliate products you are responsible for updating the affiliate ID so the products will credit your own affiliate account. You can remove any or all of the content, but you will be responsible for those changes. You can replace the current items with your own or run them as is, it is your site to do what you want.

All websites must remain hosted at for 1 full year. Even if the year is paid in full, the site cannot be moved until the year is complete. Any website that does not remain hosted for 1 full year will be returned to BumbleBee Works and resold. We are looking for serious buyers not people that will give up in one month. This condition allows us to offer a great deal but not lose if you decide to close it after a month or two.

Ownership of the domain will be transferred to the buyer after the 1 year is completed at which time the buyer is free to move the website, close the website or sell the website to anyone for any reason.

Eligibility - The offer is only open to NEW Clients. If you currently have a website hosted at BumblebeeWorks or pageBuzz or have ever had a website hosted at either you are not eligible to purchase one of the $25 websites.

Only one website will be sold to any single customer, family or business. We do not want to sell all of the websites to one company, we want to sell each website to one customer. We are not trying to liquidate the sites we are trying to get new and quality hosting clients.

Payment - Website payments can be automated or manual. If the website falls in arrears for 30 days or more the site will be considered abandon and will be offered back for sale. At that point the site will have been offline for 30 days and the damage to SEO and search placement is becoming unrepairable. We cannot allow these sites to devalue and this condition allows us to recover the website before the domain is excluded from the search engines and becomes useless as a business.

Content - Website content must conform to our hosting policy and meet all obligations under that agreement. That includes the prohibitive use of adult or porn content, racial, hateful, abusive or offensive content. The site will not be used for or be associated with any spam campaign. Additionally, the site will not be used in any linking scheme or for the exclusive sale of links to increase outside sites page rank at the cost of the sites own page rank.

Continued Development - Each or the websites for sale is still under active development and we continue to earn an income from many of the pages and products posted. This is one way we can maintain traffic to the websites and keep them listed in the search engines. We reserve the right to recind any of the posted offers if the website is earning a current income greater than the hosting fees or if the value of content has been significantly modified since the site was listed for sale. We are not able to maintain listings in real time and we cannot guarantee all websites listed are still available.

It is not our intent or goal to regain the ownership of any website, but we also do not wish to sell a website and have the new owner destroy it, its value or our opportunity to gain a long term hosting client from the sale at the ridiculously discounted price.

We are looking for hosting clients and not just selling our valuable inventory of websites. If you don't want to use our hosting then we have no incentive to sell our websites for such a low price. This agreement is to outline our intents, goals and the reason for such low pricing while giving everyone an otherwise impossible deal on a turnkey website. These few conditions attempt to make the sale of these websites profitable and affordable for all parties involved.

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