Rental Property Availability Calendar December 24 2010
Rental Property Availability Calendar Another one of our specialty programs is our Rental Property Availability Calendar which allows vacation rental property owners the ability to easily mark and display the days that the property is available for rent. A simple interface uses check boxes to show if a date is available, pending or rented. The calendar is then displayed on the main website and anyone looking for a weekend that is available will see it. This is a very popular program for our vacation rental websites. Previously our customers would use the standard calendar and fill in notes on the dates they had rented. But it was clumsy and ugly to see all the dates with text or notes on them. The new calendar is designed just for the application and uses colors to show the days status. The new calendar is faster to mange and easier for potentail more

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Used Car Dealer Websites December 23 2010
Used Car Dealer Websites For $10 a Month As a primarily software company we have a huge advantage over other companies that just manage servers and offer hosting. While they often offer a suite of freely downloadable programs found on the internet, we build our own and consequently have much more control over how things work. One of the biggest hits we have is the Used Car Dealer Website Management System hosted at our primary site as well as being offered at our countless hosting resellers. The system uses all of the same website building tools as all of the normal and ecommerce websites, but a full suite of tools just for car dealers is included. There is no extra cost so for the same $10 a month for a website, used car dealers can build and mange great looking up to date designs and manage online inventory more

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Website Hosting Affiliate Programs December 21 2010
Website Hosting Affiliate Programs For years we watched the top websitehosting companies offer huge affiliate commissions for sending refferals. We struggled to ay $10 per signup and could never motivate anyone to send us clients. That has changed as we have grown and become much more profitable. Our new website hosting sales agents program pays $75 for every new signup. The program was originally set up to support a base of outside sales people we were hiring. As more and more interest grew for the program we added full web support and tracking so anyone could add a link to a website, blog, facebook page or so on and earn $75 per sign up. With the large volume of hosting customers we had that became our primary sales base. Now we have more money going out to many customers than they pay us. It is hard to give away more

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Reselling Opportunities December 21 2010
Opportunities for Website Hosting Resellers Traditionally website hosting resellers have offered nothin more than base ft and email. They manage accounts using cpanel and FHM. While it is an effective way to make some cash, the people using the product are most likely capable of doing the same thing and the only reason they are a customer is because they don't realize they are using  a reseller. As the bigger companies get more of a foothold in the industry it becomes harder and harder for resellers to offer anything of value. With the big 10 offering unlimited everything, why would anyone want to buy hosting from you when you charge the same for 100MB of disck space and limited bandwidth? It is time for resellers to take the next step and offer a better product like the sitebuilder with all the tools and programs a person with no more

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