Having a Toll Free Support Number January 7 2011
Just the other day I saw a company bashing other hosts for not having a toll free support number. I guess when you are on the bottom you will bash anyone for anything you can ge your hands around. But this hit me hard because we do not have a toll free number for our clients so I wanted to explain why. We do not hae a toll free suport number because it is just too expensive. We certainly could if we were charging $40 n hour for support like Yahoo or $200 a month for a shopping cart like Volusion.com. A toll free number costs about $6 an hour for US calls and with the average user requiring more than 1.5 hours of support each month that is as much as we charge for hosting. Add in the cost of the time for that support and hosting services ...read more

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Updating the Blog program January 6 2011
I started this blog a few weeks ago on BumbleBeeWorks.com to create a library of information about our business and to help people decide on what hosting company is best for their business and website. As I began to use the blog I found that it was living up to it's name, the simple blog. While it was very simple to use and build content fast, it needed a few more things to make it more search engine and developer friendly. For example, we added "share this" icons from a default account and there was no way to change that or even remove it. The page has one style, everything on it is there to stay. tha was fine, it seemed to work for everyone hosting with us, but as a developer I was not happy with something so simple. So I added a full configuration page which allows ...read more

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eMail Forwrarding December 30 2010
eMail Forwarding At bumblebeeworks.com website hosting we use a process called email forwarding to manage email accounts. The reason we do not host accounts is very simple, in tis day in age of the internet and techology there are very few people that do not have access to and use regularly email. Those people do not typically want to have multiple accounts to chechk each day and mange. So what we do is give you the ability to forward all our your email at your website to any other existing account. This lets anyone manage all of their mail from one account, so that when an order mail comes in, you get it immediaely in your regular mail. Resonding to orders or website customers in the fastest possible time is key to customer relations. if you only get a few emails a week, you can't check a seperate box ...read more

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Do you plan to quit? December 25 2010
How long will it be before you quit? One of the biggest problems we see as a hosting company is that people start a website and then quit without ever giving it a chance. We have seen some amazing quitters over the years. If you plan on building a website or a business it will take time and effort. If you don't have what it takes to spend hours and hours on the website don't even bother signing up for one. It will take months and months or even years of hard work to have a successful business, so if you are ready to quit minutes after you start, don't waste your money. Everyone thinks if they build it, people will come. That is not true at all and it will take a serious effort to get even one person to your website. So be prepared for the long ...read more

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