Bumblebee Works DNS Information

DNS - Domain Name Server

This is the system that converts your websites ip address to a name that we can easily remember. Your site may reside at place like but that is a difficult number to remember and it really sucks for advertising. So you make up something like MYBUSINESS.COM. The domain name servers will tell your computer to go to when you type in "mybusiness.com". Sort of the internet's own 411 system.

Since you made up the name, you will need to register it with one of the authorized companies to manage domains.

The first rule of internet domains is "Location Location and Location". The name should be short and simple, avoid hyphens or numbers. If you get 4sale.com people will assume it is forsale.com which is another businesses website and you would be advertising for them for free.

You want a ".com" if at all possible. There are too many extensions to list but most people are only aware of ".com". If you get something like mybusiness.biz, it would be confusing and most people do not take non-dotcom addresses seriously. You would be better off with a name like myfloridabusiness.com. It is longer, but automatically recognizable and the first step to making money with your website.

The next step is to set up the DNS info with the registrar you chose. If we register the domain for you, we will take care of the DNS settings.

Bumblebee Works uses 2 name servers, you will need to designate the primary and secondary server info with your registrar.


If you are completely confused, that is OK. We will register the domain for you for only $14.95 and take care of everything. That includes the internic fees for the first year and free privacy registration.

Once the information is registered with a registrar it will take up to 24 hours to be fully functional or when that the name will be directed to your website. The Cyber Web's servers are instant, but internic is a bit slower. If you have registered a website domain and set up an account on one of the BumbleBeeWorks systems and you cannot access it after 24 hours please contact support@bumblebeeworks.com or call us for help.