Each system has unique features based on the needs of that industry. Our system differs from any other because we do not offer an "All In One" solution. We understand that each business has specific needs and no one solution can adequately support all businesses. We also understand how valuable time is when running your own business. The interfaces are designed to make the best use of your time while providing a quality website without taking shortcuts.

For a more complete list of updated standard website hosting features go to the demo.

Shopping Cart: The shopping cart feature is a dynamic database driven shopping system allowing instant updates to images, prices, descriptions, shipping and tax options and much more. Sales are processed though our secure server using your existing merchant account or PayPal. This feature is so simple to manage you could start selling products in under 10 minutes. Each shopping cart holds 2500 products and 50 categories with up to 400 options on each product.

The shopping cart offers advanced import and export features for remote inventory management. Additionally a complete affiliate marketing program is included to allow payments to outside sellers. All sales are tracked and affiliates can login and view their commissions in real time.

Secure Server Access: All of your sales and invoices are stored on the secure server for you to access at any time. Search invoices, sales receipts, refunds. Initiate refunds or charges directly from the search results. Processing also includes fraud controls and account management features such as customer spending limits, customer banning, limiting countries you sell to and many more features. Secure Credit Application forms for collecting sensitive information used in credit checks and approvals. See for more details about the processing system in use.

Easy Edit Pages: pages can be edited using a WYSIWYG editor right on your browser. Simple drop and drag image and text positioning. Photos are transferred directly from your computer in JPG, JPEG or GIF formats and added to any page.

You can build up to 1000 pages of content in addition to the 2500 product pages. Additional pages are allocated for progrms such as the guestbook, classified and forums. It,s alot of space and very unlikely you will fill it with a standard e-commerce website.

Auto generated menu buttons make linking to new pages automatic. You don't really have to think about what you are doing, just add pages and edit them just like any word document or email.

e-mail: for up to 30 user names. Create an e-mail at your domain for each of your employees or create several names and have them all forwarded to your account. For example you may want to accept mail as and All the e-mail is managed by you and changes are updated within 15 minutes on the dedicated mail servers.

Web statistics and site counter are provided with every website. You can track referral clicks from other websites and search engine traffic. You will also have a list of what products are being viewed in your shopping cart.

Web stats also show how many times search engine spiders crawled your website, what keywords visitors searched for and the number of unique visitors compred to actual page views.