*BumbleBeeWorks is now pageBuzz. We have replaced our basic hosting with our new advanced system pageBuzz.com for just $19.99/month. For more information on pageBuzz you can go directly to pagebuzz.com and test out the demo sitebuilder.

Build your own website quickly, easily and affordably. We supply everything you need except the time. It's the best complete website hosting solution available.

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Car dealers can get our specialized Auto Sales system. Tools created by car dealers for car dealers.

Each website includes hundreds of template options and graphics FREE. Change the entire site layout with just one click.

Build your own shopping cart in minutes! Add more and more products as you grow. Our shopping cart is quickly becoming the backbone of small online businesses. It's easy to use and very powerful.

Bumblebeeworks is a home based business providing the highest quality product at an affordable rate by forcing the owners (us) to work for pennies an hour. If you run your own business you know what that is like.

We understand what small businesses face on a daily basis and can use our experience to assist you on a totally unique level compared to the large mega hosting companies.

We are not resellers, we own the software, we own the servers and we answer the phones. When you call our support line you are speaking to the owners directly.

If you are tired of inexperienced support phone operators, 30 minute hold times and 48 hour e-mail responses, then call us. We actually want your calls and we know what our system does and how it works, because we built it!

Our success in the internet and our close personal contact with customers makes Bumblebee Works the preferred choice of many small and home based businesses. We are a popular with ebay powersellers, fleamarket and craft show vendors and other owner hands on businesses.

To read more about our company and the people behind it [ Click Here ].

We are the only company selling this product. Giving us unmatched and unlimited abilities for adding functions, graphics and features. While competing systems remain unchanged ours grows daily based on customer input. The proof is in our newest hosting platform pageBuzz. While other companies have been coasting for years on the same old same old. We are all new and still growing.

Since we wrote the software, we have the ability to make changes, upgrades and fix any mistakes.

We add graphics and new features on a regular basis making the system a little better each day.

If there are any features we don't have, its almost certain we plan to add them.

Additions are made based on customer feedback and requests. The system is scalable and gets new features almost on a regular basis.

Notice: All new signups are though our newest website hosting system. Our software has evolved past a basic level and an entirely new system was launched in 2005. As of 2008 all new clients will only be able to use the newest tools and most current technology.

The basic tools that bumblebee works offers are still avialable in the newer system. However there are more of them and they offer much more flexibility in design and e-commerce.

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No experience necessary, no webmaster needed and no set up costs.

Build your own website and cut out the middle man. You keep control of your business and save money.

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pagebuzz Demo

A live website you can play with, upload to and delete files from. See it all working real time.

Don't be fooled by our low price, our system is not just a cheap solution that you will eventually outgrow as your business becomes more successful. It is more likely going to take you years to grow into what our product can provide, and by that time our product will have over grown your expectations. Our system is more than suitable for managing hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in online sales. If you are doing more than 5,000 sales per month and need special tools to manage volume, let us know, we can probably provide it.

We can offer custom programing, dedicated servers, high bandwith solutions and all the other junk the Mega-Hosting companies offer. The difference is, we do not charge you an arm and a leg for it.

We help you grow in steps and provide real support. The kind of support than can only come from a business owner that has actual experience with the internet.

We maintain hundreds of our own websites. So we know a trick or two about making money online. And we are happy to share our knowledge with our customers.

We will give you real answers and real results. When you have a problem on your website that needs to be fixed, we are at the other end of the phone.

There is no complicated downline or complicated work orders to fill out. You speak directly to the programers and we fix the problem as quickly as possible. No games, no excusses.

As a website hosting company we have years of experience earning money online. We have prepared several articles about marketing, page building and general e-commerce issues in our website building articles section. Also read our website hosting blog to learn more about how to build websites.

With hundreds of our own websites we have a unique insight into search engines, traffic building and web marketing. Over a decade of experience is worth listening to.

Features Include:

Full domain hosting. yourname.com with page graphics, e-mail and DNS services.

Database driven e-commerce shopping cart complete with credit card processing.

Secure checkout, and sales manager with searchable invoices and sales data.

e-mail forwarding, allowing multiple addresses at your own domain.

Easy edit pages allow anyone to edit professional designs using any standard web browser.

Photo Uploading. Transfer images from your computer to your website with a few simple clicks.

10MB extra space for audio and video or multi media files such as powerpoint or word documents.

e-mail notifications of sales with shipping invoice.

web stats allow tracking page views, referrals and traffic programs.

Easy to use management console with unmatched administrative control.

Secure Credit Application forms to collect sensitive information from clients.

Need some feature we do not have? Let us know. Although we will not make promises, we may be able to add it.

See additional standard features of our newest hosting platform.

Because our system is so easy to use and simple people often believe it limits what they can do and cannot be structured to fit their application. On the contrary, our system is more diverse than any of the hundreds of other similar products. Using a database driven shopping cart is what the major retailers use and spend tens of thousands of dollars to build. Normally small merchants don't have their own shopping cart software because of the high cost of programing. We have take away that obstacle, you can now have high end programing for the cost of basic website hosting.

What you need to realize about BumbleBee Works, is that it is more than just website hosting. It is like having a web developer on staff to assist you with your website. Like having a friend you can ask for help without feeling stupid.

All of our customers have working functional websites that they can sell on, because that is part of our promise.

We understand that business owners are not website builders and most of our customers can do little more than answer e-mail. But with our help, they all go on to have sucessful websites.

If you want to see how helpful we are, try calling us before you signup and take us for a test drive.

We do work from home, so understand, you may need to leave a mesage if we are not at phones reach. We will call you back asap.

You also, wont be calling a huge call center. You will know who we are and you can talk to the same people as you build the site.

Its a unique experience and probably the biggest reason our client base is growing so rapidly.