Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this real or some scam?
Most people think our system is too good to be true and we will charge them extra for something. We wont. You do get the complete system for the advertised price. We are a real company with heavy internet assets. Check out some of our other websites and see what else we do.,,,,

Q: Can I call for help?
Of course! Our phone number is posted on our
contact page as well as in the help section of every website on our system. You can call us to ask any question about our system or ho to use it.

Q: Why is bumblebeeworks system better than all the others?
A: First, it is the least expensive system online. You get more features than any other system offers for less money. As well as being the easiest system to use if you are inexperienced in building websites.

Second, our situation is unique because we are a small home based business that has to work twice as hard to keep your business. We differ from huge mega-hosting companies because we are an owners hands on company with personal relationships with our clients. Read [ about us ].

We make updates daily, add graphics and features based on customer input and requirements, building a system to keep you happy for life. If you require a feature we don't have, it is not unusual that we would add it. We write our own software and build our own graphics and we answer our own phones. Other companies run software written by an outside source and know very little about supporting it and even less about managing a website. Then they shove a bunch of underpaid phone operators in a room to answer your calls. They are big, commercial, impersonal and this is not what you need when you are an inexperienced website builder trying to run a successful business online.

Q: How long have you been in business?
A: Our network has been in operation for over 10 years, however the bumblebee system is new as of January 2004. Now more than 3 years old. It is a product of all the programing and experience from the years of building e-commerce products for clients.

Q: Do you submit my website to the search engines?
A: That is one of the biggest scams online. NONE of the search engines allow
automated submissions. If you use an automated service or try to submit your website each month, the search engine sees that as a form of spamming and will remove your website from the index. Don't pay anyone to submit your website, its just another useless service that people are selling to inexperienced business owners.

The truth is, once you register your domain the search engines have your website scheduled to index. It can take up to 3 months just because of the 4 billion other pages that must be indexed along with yours. The search engine is an independent index that must list your site to be useful to users. Its just like getting a home phone, you are automatically included in the phonebook unless you pay extra not to be listed. However just because your number is listed does not guarantee anyone will call you. This process is slow and will only index the main page in the first few months. Later it will add internal pages to the listings. Its slow and wont generate much traffic for at least 6 months, but no automated system can speed it up.

Q: How long will it take to build my website and begin selling?
A: Its really up to you. The site can be built in an hour or less including the shopping cart and pages. But if you desire a successful website it will require some effort and time. Inputting hundreds of items for sale will take time. But for the most part you could begin selling in a matter of minutes and build the website as you grow. Having the website completed is easy, getting people to your website is another story.

Q: Do you market the website for me?
A: No. We are a hosing company, leasing you software and bandwidth to run your business. Just as if you rented a store on a busy street. Your landlord would not advertise for you. That is your responsibility and if you are a business owner you already have ideas and methods for promoting your product. We do provide some suggestions and ideas in our help section that can assist in promoting your website but to be successful, you are going to have to advertise or you wont have many people coming to your website.

Q: Will the price change after I sign up?
A: No. We have designed this system to sell at a fair rate. We would rather provide a quality service that you can afford forever than smack you in the face and take as much as you can afford at the start.

Q: Will I have all the bees on my website?
A: No. The bees are our logo, you can choose from hundreds of other templates or have a custom template created for you. See the
sample templates.

Q: Is it reasonable to believe I can build it myself, with no experience?
Yes. If you know how to fill in forms, access your e-mail and get to a website you already have the skills to build a website using the bumblebee works system. Give it a shot, you get 30 Days free, so you should know by the time you actually have to cough up the entire $19.99 for the first month.

Q: Can I build any type of website?
A: Not really. The system is designed for businesses and selling online. Although you could build a website for any application it is limited in design to allow a business to build a fast effective e-commerce website. The system is short in page building compared to self maintained websites but blows away everyone with the e-commerce features. You would have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to build an e-commerce website equal to what you can build here for $19.99/month. But if you are looking to build a website to show pictures and videos and your family on vacation, you would be better off with regular hosting space and an ftp account.

Q: Is there a bandwidth limit?
A: No. You have unlimited bandwidth usage. However you will not be able to serve images to other domains or run adult websites. Bandwith hogs will not be allowed, but we are very generous when it comes to useage spikes. If you maintain heavy traffic, we may ask you to upgrade. But if you just have a sale and 100,000 people come to your website in one day, you will not encur any additional charges.

Q: Do you allow adult content?
A: No. We do not allow any adult related content unless it is product related. Adult novelties, videos, games etc. are allowed. However the photo content must be PG rated possibly R. (this restriction is based solely on the extreme bandwidth adult content draws and that cannot be provided for the prices we offer. Allowing this content would increase the price for everyone). The same holds true for celebrity fan sites.

Q: How long will it be, before I get my first sale?
A: That depends on you. A good marketing program can bring in sales in a few days and a bad or nonexistent campaign can produce zero sales forever. Your best customers are your existing customers. Customers that cannot get to your business during regular hours. The internet provides a 24/7/365 interface to those customers expanding your existing sales without any marketing or extra expenses. They are already comfortable buying from you and will continue as you make the products more accessible.

Q: Will I become a millionaire in 1 week?
A: Not likely. Businesses require a serious effort, knowledge about the industry, marketing, finance and management. There is no get rich quick scheme that really works without a considerable effort and investment. But, having your business online is an important tool and gives you access to millions and millions of people that you would never have without a website.

Use your website as a tool and not as your primary business. You can place a $10 classified ad that says you sell shoes at discounted prices. If the ad lists your web address, people can go to your website and browse 1000 pairs of shoes. Building a website is much cheaper than printing a catalog and much faster than mailing that catalog to customers and much easier to change and remove items from stock.

As in any business, just because you have a catalog it does not mean you will have people buying your shoes. You will have to advertise to potential customers and get them to read your catalog or browse your website.

You do not need to understand the internet to run a website, but you do need to know how to run a business if you plan to use your website to sell. That is precisely why the big retailers have cleaned up online. They know the retail industry better than anyone and have used the internet as a tool to supplement their existing business.

Used wisely a website can be an awesome tool. But if you plan to build a website overnight and check your bank in the morning for bags of cash, think again. Any business owner knows that the key to success is hard work, knowledge, experience, planning, budgeting, more hard work and a little bit of luck.

Q: What other charges will I have to pay?
A: Unlike other companies, we give you the entire system for the same price. We don't have any other products to sell you. We believe that you need all the tools available to run your business. We are tired of seeing hosting companies charge and charge for what they advertise as free or included. When we tell people they only have to pay $19.99/month for everything they don't believe us. But its true, we don't have any set up fees, we don't have extra charges for e-commerce or secure server access we don't have any upsells. What you see is what you get.

If you have any questions not answered in this page, give us a call. Our contact information is on our contact page.