Build as many pages as possible

I can't tell people enough that they need to build pages, pages, pages!

I see more times than not, people with 5 page websites. One page being a contact page with an e-mail address and phone number. An about us page with 2 paragraphs, a home page that says "welcome to my website" and 2 pages of filler.

So is that even a website?

No, its just a waste of space. It wont get anyone to your business and if it does, it cetainly wont impress anyone.

You are reading this page for a reason. You may have found it in a search and are interested in the content or you want to know what we have to say about hosting. Either way, I have an opportunity to convert you into a sale, into one of my customers.

If my articles fall short and don't get you salivating over building a website, then I ultimately lose. Since millions of other businesses offer similar products, I have to keep your attention and get your business before you click to the next guy.

If I only post my phone number on the website, you will be clicking away pretty fast.

I am constantly amazed at how people use the web for everything. From reading online books to shopping on ebay for deals. But when they build a website, they offer nothing.

We have a help section at pagebuzz that is groing past 200 pages. People tell me all the time they have read every page trying to understand how to make money with the website. They generally have great things to say about how much they have learned.

Then they build a 5 page website.

So how much did they learn.

I tell people do not as I say, do as I do.

Our company is making laods of money online. A basic website of ours will have between 50 and 100 pages and our interactive sites often have in excess of a million pages each.

You wont keep a visitor on your website with 5 pages. You need content. You wont get search traffic with 5 pages, you need content.

If you want traffic, you need content. It is the traffic that wil make you money. It is the page content that will get you the traffic.

You can achive more pages with user generated content like posting board, fourms and classifieds. But you still need a base of content.

Take for example our automotive classified Yes, there are thousands of pages of user posted cars for sale but there are also thousands of pages of articles, news, events calendars and even thousands of pages of car clubs accross the country. Each page is part of the overall package.

Someone is looking for a car club in their area, they find buzztrader, they see that it also has cars for sale and they buy one or sell one. Its all part of making the content diverse within a realm. Without pages to read, you end up with one visit users. Buzztrader has an average page count per visitor upwards of 25 pages. That means the average person is viewing 5 times more pages than the average 5 page website even has.

People often want to build a site like buzztrader because of the heavy traffic the site has. But it has traffic because of the pages and feature the site offers.

If you want to be big, you need to build big.

Imageine Disneyland if it only had 5 rides. It would not be the popular theme park we know today. It has to be dynamic and fun and have so much to offer than when people leave they want to come back and see the rest.

Your website should be exatctly the same.