What you need to consider
when choosing a web designer or web hosting solution

A website is not just a digital flyer. It is an extension of your business and just as you would not want customers to enter a run down dirty store you would not want customers to see your website looking like a disaster and associate it with your business. Making a good impression starts at the front door. With your business online, your front door is your website. Let us help you make it right before a poorly constructed website starts loosing you customers and damaging the business you have worked so hard to build.

In many cases, not having a website is better than having a bad one. If you run your own business you understand how important image is. Don't ruin your image by letting an inexperienced webmaster or a close friend talk you into a cheap website.

Call us first. We have made a living running our own websites for years and we can provide an insight in webdesign that others can't imagine. You don't have to do what we tell you, but you would be foolish not to consult experts when you are making a decision that could affect your entire business.

The online industry forfeits millions of dollars every day due to websites and shopping carts not compatible with everyones computer. e-tailers have varrying estimates but some are massive losses caused by coding errors or inexperienced deveoplers making changes. Worst of all most big companies are unaware or are told by the website management team that the system is functioning properly.

That is what big companies admit to, imagine what small businesses are up against. With out massive development budgets small businesses are stuck with building a website themselves or trusting a webmaster that thinks they know it all.

Knowing everything about e-commerce is like expecting your General doctor to perform brain surgery and heart transplants. Just as in surgery, we always recomend a second opinion. Since web design is not regulated and there are no qualifications to be a webmaster, the industry is open to scam artists and frauds, but more so, just people with little or no knowledge of what they are doing. Getting involved with one of these uneducated people can cost you money, time and possibly damage the reputation of your existing business.

Make the right choices, avoid companies that seem questionable or seem to represent themselves as something you know they are not. Anyone can put up a website claiming to be a multi national conglomerate yet you call the corperate number and get some cell phone. Just think before you buy and consider the impact on your business when you build a website.

Also remember, that there are millions of scammers trying to get your money. With a vast array of services from search engine submission, optimization and promises of floods of web traffic. They will tell you anything and deliver nothing. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

We encounter people daily that belive they can build a few pages and get rich. People that ignore the fact that there are millions of educated webmasters that do this everyday. They ignore the fact that companies spend millions and millions on their websites and will eat them for lunch.

Yet they still belive they can build 5 pages with no experience, no effort and start collecting barrels of cash. Blowing aways super companies like walmart, amazon and ebay.

Of couse, this is not going to happen. But a website can be a very lucritive business if you put in the effort and resources that you would any other business. Just remember, you get out what you put in.

We have many customers making upwards of $20,000.00 in monthly sales. Its not ebay, but it is a very respectable onlne presense.

We are sometimes harsh in pointing out reality to clients and bringing them back to earth. But we would rather tell you the truth than inflate your deams and collect your money untill you give up. Our company rule is to be honest, no matter how much the client hates us for it.

We think our approach is unique and refreshing in a market full of scammers. But our income is not dependant on our website hosting, so we can afford to be honest.