Coverting Visitors into Buyers

One obstacle of the web is that customers cannot hold and touch the products you offer. If you make custom clothing, it is hard to convey the quality to customers.

Your website will need to instill confidence in the potential buyer. If the site is shabby, they will assume the clothing is shabby. But not everyone can afford a quality website and that is not a problem.

If you are a small business, then the site should reflect that. Explain how you make clothes and not how you build websites.

Explain the quality of the material, how you doubble or triple stitch the seams and the handmade quality of the work. Give testimonials from long time customers and some history of your business.

It never hurts to have some pictures of the work being done and the people doing it. Show the equipment you use and the materials you use.

Show crisp clear images of the work and the product. If the pictures suck, so will your sales.

The website does not have to be a huge and powerful website running asp php and java servlets. It just needs to be informative and clear.

You need to make the sale, your website is an automated sales person. People can click away faster then you can blink. Give them a reason not to. Show them your product is better and not just b having a sentance on the home page that says so.

It's not that hard to sell online. But the vast majority of websites show they think it is very easy. They don't do much work, they don't offer much detail and the pictures are small.

People buy web hosting from bumblebeeworks becasue there is loads of detail about our product on our website. We offer samples and working demos. We offer the opportunity to call us and discuss options or evn try out a website for a free trial.

We bend over backwards to convert people reading articles like this one into hosting customers. Lots of plugs for our product and mentions of our success.

Its not that we are over selling our product but showing people that we have made money and we do know what it takes. This gives our site credibility.

People call us and say, you guys sure do have alot of information on your webites. You definetly know what you are doing.

It does not matter if you sell web services or clothing. You want the customer to leave your website thinking you are the best at what you do. Sharing your knowledge of sewing is one way to build customer confidence.

Any buiness will show off their strong points. In the case of multi million dollar corporations, the website design can help with that. In the case of the small business it is better to overlook the expensive website and work on the elements you can afford. The small details will make a huge difference in converting traffic to sales.

If you miss those details, your traffic will walk in one door and out the other.