Websites for Crafters

BumbeBee is a great home for Crafters and Artists. As a small business ourselves we have a better understanding of what you need. We have built and manage as a tool for our customers to use to market their products and services.

We have our hand of the pulse of the internet and seem to be growing in the hearts of the creative community. By offering the lowest possible price, marketing tools and a great platform for selling we seem to be growing in the craft industry.

We understand the needs of the small home based business and the financial constraints. Our customers like having a friend at the other end of the support line and apreciate our honesty. Although they do not always like the answers to their questions, they know its usually the truth.

Its hard enough to run a craft business. Having the extra chore of building a website and learning the internet can push one's sanity over the edge.

BumbleBeeWorks takes away some of stress and fear associated with managing unfamiliar technology.

Its seems that they people that really understand how beneficial and supportive we are the people that need it the most. The home based businesses we deal with need to trim every penny and keep costs as low as possible. With many companies charging for support and extra services they see our system as a welcome relief.

Our system offers tools that have been added at the request of our home crafters and has become one of the highest recomended system by crafters and artists.