Custom Website Templates

BumbleBee Works can create a custom website solution for your business. We make every effort to add features to the system regularly but occasionally a business will need unique features or options that our system can not provide.

Most businesses can be satisfied with a custom template [ See Custom Templates ]. Custom templates allow for unique pages, additional pages and your own custom graphics. Custom templates are only $199.00 to $299.00 one time fee and any website can have multiple custom templates that can be changed on one simple click. The entire website can be redesigned for a sale or promotion for as little as $199.00 and the template remains for future use at anytime.

A custom template is not just basic artwork. We work with you to create an identity, using your logo or building one for you, matching your website to your business so customers easily identify your product and recognize who you are.

We also can provide custom graphics for print or digital media. You may want to have your logo formatted to use in a TV commercial or have a high resolution version of your website to print in a magazine ad. We can provide a host of graphics services to keep your business looking similar to your website design.

We can provide dedicated servers, dns hosting, custom e-commerce applications, web design services for merchants that need more than our standard services.

We make our primary focus the bumblebee hosting system but we can provide services above and beyond that platform. For example, we run an online automotive classified website at Buzztrader is the headline site serving as the foundation for The Automotive Advertisers Network (also one of our systems). A network of websites with a common database and inquiry relay system.

We can build almost any solution for any business, but the costs are more than most small businesses can afford. Custom programing is costly and takes time.

Some applications can take months to build and many more months of development to get them right. Tweaking code as the application is used and new issues pop up. With programing at over $100/hour, it more than most small companies want to take on.

That is why we offer our solution that is the result of thousands of hours of development, thousands of websites using and testing and at a cost that would put most small businesses out of business.

But we have packaged it all up and host it for you for Only $9.99/month. When you look at the cost of alternatives, BumbleBee Works!

If you do have tens of thousands of dollars to spend and want to blow it on a custom website with your own software.... we will be happy to take your money!