Changing DNS (Domain Name Server) Information

DNS - Domain Name Server

Bumblebee Works uses 2 name servers, you will need to designate the primary and secondary server info with your registrar.


You will need to know who you registered your domain with. You will also need the login information for your account at that registrar. If you don't want to do this, we can do it for you if you provide us with the login info for your account.

We can not list all the registrars, there are more than 10,000 companies offering this type of service. You can do a whois lookup at most any registrar, that will tell you who your registrar is.

This is a basic overview of what you may need to do. Understand that each registrar i unique and has its own interface.

  • First Login to the management console with your registrar
  • Look for an option to modify NAME SERVERS
    (normally the name server is set to their own servers by default, you may have to remove the existing name server before you add the new ones)
  • You will need to change the Name Servers to
  • You may get warning messages about how this will cause problems with your account. It won't, You need the correct name server or the domain is useless.
  • Do not add to the exiting name servers, you must remove the current name servers to prevent them from resolving your domain. Replace them with the name servers shown above.

Once the information is registered with your registrar it will take up to 24 hours before all the top level name servers are updated. Then requests the name will be directed to your new website.

If you do not understand what a name server is or what a registrar is Click Here.

The Cyber Web's servers are instant, but the rest of the internet is a bit slower. If you have registered a website domain and set up an account on one of the BumbleBeeWorks systems and you can not access it after 24 hours please contact