How do you get customers?

That is probably the number one question we get after a website has been open for a couple of months.

Everyone expects customers to show up at the website. While at one time that was true, today there are billions of pages and millions of people. Your chance of winning the lottery is better than your chance of getting web traffic.

Anyone that tells you they can get you search engine traffic or they can maximize your site for search engines is full of #$*%. If they could get the traffic, they would not be doing it for you. They would be building pages and making millions from that traffic. If they are selling you on the idea, they can't actually deliver.

If you do the math, you will see the light. Find the number of searches for any given term or sequence. Its true there are millions of searches every day. But if you are selling mattresses, how many people are searching for mattresses?

The grapgh below shows the search volume over 2 years for the word mattress on google.

You will see that the searh peaks based on certain news events that would give people a reason to search for that particular word.


Missing Jogger's Husband Bought Mattress Day She Vanished
Boston - Jul 23 2004


Simmons mattress trust Q2 revenue sags to $32.9M, profit plumps up to $2.9M
Canada East - Aug 12 2004


Baby found alive on floating mattress
Sydney Morning Herald - Dec 28 2004


Providence presents 'Once Upon A Mattress' for annual spring musical
New Albany Tribune - Apr 15 2005


Mattress fire burns RWC hotel
San Mateo Daily Journal - May 9 2006


Munster troupe presents 'Once Upon a Mattress'
Gary Post Tribune - Nov 5 2006

As you can see, none of the news events that affect the search frequency for searches of the word mattress are actually generating anyone that is looking to buy a mattress.

so with a daily search volume of about 20,000 searches, filter out the porno searches looking for nasty mattress photos and the people looking to invest in mattress company stock and the number of people looking to buy a mattress is maybe 2,000. Now divide that up by the number of cities in the United States, since a store in Los Angeles wont be selling to a buyer in New York. If you were #1 on google for "mattress" you migh expect 20 -30 clicks a day.

From that if you get one sale every week, you are doing well.

On the flip side, if you spend $100 for an add in a local newspaper, you may get 100 people that go to your website an could potentially get 100 sales.

There is no substitute for advertising. If you want customers, you need to go get them. They wont come to you. You need to advertise and advertise and advertise.

If you spend money looking for free traffic from the search engines, it wont come. And, it wont be free if you paid to get it.

You can spend money on googles ads or overture ads that will charge you per click. That means you have real customers to your website for just a few dollars.

If you are not prepared to get people to your website, then you are not ready to start an online business.

If you already have a business, then you already have a customer base and will need to capitalize on that base to build a base of website clients.