Getting Started

Where do you start? Here is a quick overview of how you will build your website. More detailed help with screen caps and photos are available in your website management console.

The first thing you need to do is sign up for a website. You can do that by clicking on the signup link or contacting us directly. Once you have been set up you can begin build your web pages.

To build your website, simply go to your actual website. Look for the [Admin] link at the bottom of your main page. Clicking that link will take you into a management console that will allow you to build your website. You don't need any extra software or fancy tool. We provide everything you need except the pictures of your products.

A good place to start is by selecting a template so your website will have a design suited to your business, by default it has a bumblebee under construction page. To do this click on the "pages image" on the top menu bar and look for the link [Choose Page Template]. You will see samples of the templates available. Clicking any template will show you a larger sample of the artwork. Clicking on any of the "Change Template" buttons will instantly change your website to that design. You can view the change by accessing any of your main pages (not the website management console pages). If you do not see a change just reload the page to see the new graphics.

The next order of business is to select the pages or options you will need. Again click on the "pages image" on the top menu bar and look for the link [ Choose Side or Top Menu Options ]. You will see a list of options, choose the option you wish to start with and click on the "set updates" button at the bottom of the page.

You will then be prompted to choose the order that the buttons will appear on the pages. Selecting the order from 1 to 10 with #1 being at the top left and descending down or to the right following the "Home" button. Button order is totally up to you and is mostly a marketing preference, usually having the "Shop Online" or "Browse" button first.

Again scroll to the bottom and click on the "set updates" button. Your pages are now accessible to visitors and the buttons have been added to each page.

Now you will want to build each of the pages. This will be the most difficult part of managing your website, however you will only need to build them one time. So bear with it and try to stay calm. It always helps to have a glass of wine or beer close by in case the stress level gets too high.

Again click on the "pages image" on the top menu bar and look for the drop down menu that will list all of your pages that can be edited. Select "Home Page" and click the continue button. You will see a bunch of page layouts. Click any layout to see a sample of how the full page will appear.

Choose the layout that best suits the design you want to have on the front page. Or choose the HTML option if you are familiar with html and have the software to build the pages yourself.

If you have not chosen the html option you will see a bunch of forms and images that are set up as your page will appear. Type in the text you want or click the (upload) links to add images. When you have completed the page look for the "Save Updates" button near the bottom of the page.

Repeat this process for each page until all of your pages have been built.

Some of the pages such as "Links" and "Contact" will have only one option for layout and will be much easier to build.

The Inventory, Browse and Shop Online pages are generated automatically by adding inventory to your database. Click on the shopping cart at the top of the management page. First you will need to make the categories for the shopping cart or catalog. Once you have created a category you can add inventory to it.

Click on the [Add Items] link and a form will appear for you to enter product information. Fill in the information you want to provide, submit the form and an option will appear to upload a photo. You can upload the photo now, or wait until later. If you want to do it now, click on the "Browse" button. You will see a pop up with the files in your computer. Choose the picture that you want to upload and click the "Upload Button". Our system will accept the pic from your computer, resize it to fit the page and create a smaller photo to use in your shopping cart search or browse pages. All you need to do is know where the photo is in your computer.

You will find that many of the horrors of building a website have been taken away by our website builder. You do not need to have any HTML experience,but if you do, you can use HTML by enabling it on each page.

The system is so easy to use our support people feel like Maytag repair men. The phone rarely rings and we get excited when there is an actual question.

When you do need help, there is an extensive help section with graphics and photos in your management console. If you don't find that helpful, we answer the support line 12 hours a day 7 days a week and will be more than happy to walk you through anything you do not understand.

If you are still thinking about signing up, please try out the fully functional DEMO. You can build sample pages, add items to the shopping cart and try out the functions we have described in this page.