Learn By Example

Do as I do and not as I say.

If you want to be sucessful, stop listing to the experts and follow the leaders. The people with advice to offer are just windbags. If they had any substantial results they would not be selling their opions, they would be following them.

If you want to know what is working, talk to the people that are makinging money doing what you want to do.

In many cases, a real world operation will backup any internet sucess. You will find marketing teams sales staff and webmasters all contributing to the sucess of a website. Additionally, the business may have years of business offline that has been converted into their online base.

Even a company like ours selling website hosting our prmary market is not online at all. We have sales people meeting with potential clients, we have advertising on TV, radio and print classifieds. We do not depend solely on the web to build our business.

There are some businesses like youtube that have built a base using online resources. But that requires real world cash, in their case tens of millions.

Our business has a huge base of car dealers. The dealers use the website as a sales tool but not as their primary business. This formula always works.

If you sell cars and depend on online advertsising it wont be long before you don't sell cars. The market is just too competitive. You need some type of advantage like location and the ability to allows customers to come and inspect the product.

Having a presense outside the web is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. It is not a prerequisite to making internet millions, but a solid tool none the less.

You should look carefully at other sucessful people and see what their formula is. Don't stop at the end of your modem. Business extends far beyond cyber space and any business model should include other aspects of life that are nonvirtual.

People get online and think that the answers are all online. That they can only market using the web.

If you want to run a business in the most competitive market in the world. You need to consider every tool at your disposal and investigate what tools your competitors are using.

Don't take the word of some fancy smooth talking sales person that wants to convience you they can make your website a sucess with no effort on your part, other than signing a big fat check.