Learning HTML?

Everyone is concerned that they wont be able to build websites unless they learn the HyperText Markup Language. However, there are very few people that actually do know HTML.

Most websites are built using programs that make building pages as easy as drag and drop and typing words on the keyboard.

Since most web pages are nothing more than words on a page, most anyone that can use a word processing system like MS Word or Wordperfect or type an e-mail can build a web page.

With systems like pageBuzz you type and save and the page is saved online. It really is that simple.

The hard part is building programing for web stores, forums and credit card processing. But luckily, there are many hosting system that include those programs already installed.

In most shopping carts or webstores, you will use a content management system that will create databases and give you an interface to manage sales and inventory.

The act of building websites has become so simplified, anyone can do it. It has become an extension of every business and has become more affordable than ever.

Companies keep improving their offerings and tools to build websites. Professional webmasters have died off with the dinosaurs and now its hrad to find anyone that specializes in HTML.

You wont need to know HTML to build a website, but the more you know about browser compatibility and the internet will make the job much easier.

You don't have to be an expert, but you wont have an expert website from day one. It will take time as you learn more about what you want.

The biggest mistake people make is that they want to build a super site immediately. if that is the case, it is easy to blame your lack of HTML knowledge as the reason for a bad website. But more likely, its just a case of not knowing what you want and wanting too much to get started.

We have 70 year old women, that have never used a computer but sell crafts from home. They often have a working web store in under 2 hours with a handful of products.

You don't have to have a computer background, you don't need to learn any specialized language and you don't even have to install any fancy software. The prograing community has already done the work for you, giving you click and go solutions that allow the average user to build high end interactive websites.