Can you make a million dollars with a website?

Absolutely, YES!

There is no reason you can't get rich quick online. We have made millions online and will make millions more. But not by sitting back and opening checks for doing nothing.

If you plan to make millions online, you will need to work very hard, very smart and do something that everyone else is not doing. And it never hurts to have a million dollars to invest.

It is no different making money online than in any other business. All the laws and standards still apply. You sell something and somone buys it.

The difference is that online, your website can process hundreds or even thousands of sales simultaneously. You would need 1000 paid cashires to do what an inespensive website can do. And, for the most part, the website wont take cigarette breaks or compain it has been working all day on a hangover.

So the website provides the logistics of processing large numbers of sales, but you still need to get the customers in the store. Just like any other business.

There are many advantages to using a website, for expample the rent on a 2000 sqft store could be $2000.00 for one month, but that could pay for a website for several years. That means less overhead and higher profit margins.

So far, it all sounds great. But we still need customers.

If you can get the customers, you can make massive amounts of money.