Paypal Shopping Cart

The vast majority of small home based businesses use paypal as the payment system for their online business. Primarily because it is simple to obtain compared to the extreme qualifications required by Visa and Mastercard to get a merchant account. As well as the low overhead at startup.

That means, you need an e-commerce solution that supports paypal. Systems like BumbleBee Works and pageBuzz do just that. The shopping cart which is capable of managing up to 2500 products allows anyone to set up using paypal as the payment system in about 1 minute or less.

Paypal is a great option for a new business but many websites do not have fully integrated system for the shopping cart. Many use a simple buy now button or backend using the actual paypal shopping cart.

The disadvantage to that option is that the user continuosly leave your website with no way to get back to the online shopping.

More often than not, people will buy multiple items. If they buy an ipod, they will also buy batteries or a carry case. If you make that process difficult by sending the user to an outside website, those multi order sales are often lost. In many cases the base order is lost because the user thinks something is wrong. Why are they suddenly at a new website?

Just because a shopping cart claims to be paypal compatible, does not tell you how compatible and how user friendly it is. The b-cart used for many years by all cyber web hosted websites has been run through the ringer and developed on an ongoing schedule.

Almost 95% of the users of the b-cart paypal compatible shopping cart use paypal as the payment system. The other 5% use a combination of realtime credit card processing and manual collection of sales orders.

The b-cart is one of the most popular shopping systems available because it is complete and offers users friendly shopping and site owners easy product management.

If you are shopping for a shopping cart or webstore and you plan to use paypal, it is best to use a comapny that has already done the hard work for you.

System like yahoo require that you paste complicated HTML code in each item page to allow the purchase of the item. If you wanted to learn HTML and CGI you would not need a shopping cart, you could build it from scratch.

Try to find a shopping system that is easy o use and provides all the features you need. If the cart offers an affiliate tracking system and affiliate signups, do you need it?

Advanced features often mean big bucks in fees and in 100% of the cases offers features that will use up more of your time than they can produce in sales.

Our focus is on the actual tools you need. If you plan to use paypal, you are already trying to save money and use the easy way out. There is no reason to get involved with complicated shopping systems that offer tools you will never use.

Sure it is cool to have live chat support in the cart. But are you going to be at your computer 24-7-365 to assist people? Unless you are selling volumes like walmart, it will take more out of you than you will get back. If you offer the option and don't respond to a shopper because you are sleeping or at church, then you lost the customers confidence. You would not lose the customer if you just did not have the live support.

It would not make much sense to use paypal and then build a multimillion dollar website. Paypal is for the small guys. So choose a system that supports it in a manner that wont kil your busines model and force you to learn more than necessary.

Simple isn't always better. But complicated is never better.