Website Hosting Ploys & Scams

Many unscrupulous companies lure you in with the promises of high end wealth and riches that your website can bring. The fact is, they are the ones getting rich while you wither away lifeless and poor. When confronted with your failure you spend more money on one of their other get rich quick plans.

This life and death cycle leaves you broke and drowning in a sea of misery. Everyone promising to take you to the sky but in reality taking you to the cleaners.

You can't really accuse these mainstream companies of running scams, but they do seem to be severely over stating the level of sucess you will attain by using their products. The old "Use us and get rich" scheme is still alive in todays market.

Although we expect more from big companies they seem to take the sales approach of the old fasion street pedler selling miricle tonics and cures. Making the client belive one sip of their hosting tonic will make the website sucessful. But just as in the old west, you get little more than a belly ache.

Companies also hide the true cost of services behind "FREE Hosting" signs and signups. Once you signup for the so called free service, you find your credit card being billed monthly.

A much worse scenario forces users to pay for a full year of hosting at signup, later to find that each of the features such as a shopping cart is an extra charge.

It seems very common to see hosting companies offering $2.99/month website hosting but clients are paying upwards of $50/month once they purchase what they need.

This type of deceitful advertising makes offering a legit service much harder. Since the $7.95/moth cost seems high compared to the others offering less than half that price. But the reality is the low price is genery a hosting sales ploy to get you hooked.

If a company is not forth coming about what you are buying how can you trust them? They are self serving looking only to get your money.

O.K. Bumblebee is out for your money also, but we try to be open and truthful about what we can provide. Our system wont make you rich, you can't build a site in 60 seconds or less and you likely wont end up #1 in google.

BumblebeeWorks will not cure the common cold, arthitis, old age or even help you lose weight. But it will help you run a sucessful online business affordably and dependably.

We wont resort to the common tricks used by our competitors and that will likely cost us business. But when we anser our phone each day, we know its a client needing help and not one that is upset because our system did not devliver as advertised.

Be very careful who you use for hosting. Know who you can trust and what they can really do for you. It's clear that most services are more flasing in the showroom than when you get them out on the street.