The Real Deal on Website Hosting

BumblebeeWorks is the real deal. A company that develops its own software and manages its own servers.

The internet is a huge market with thousands of website hosting companies. But in reality most are either a skinned over clone of the main company run by an affiliate with no interest in hosting, no knowledge of website building or business. They are just trying to make a buck by sending potential customers to the main company.

Our small but powerful system is unique and 100% our own. We run our own servers and work directly with our clients.

Its a refreshing approach to online business that you wont find very often in todays market.

With our hand in the internet running our own websites we have a unique knowledgebase to share with our hosting clients.

We also own and manage all of our own hardware. Many wannabe website hosts offer space on leased servers or servers managed by a megahost. Effectively subleasing website space. Unfortnately the people selling the space have no control over the servers or the policies of the company that owns them. This puts the end user at a severe disadvantage and often results in site closure through the fault of the middleman posing as a hosting company.

In many cases clients pay 1 year up front and the middleman closes before the year is over. Since the middleman host only pays by the month, he has left town with your money. Leaving you siteless and taken.

In some cases webmasters are running webservers in their livingroom on a dsl phone line. Not that they cannot provide good service, but your business is dependant on a computer at someones home ususally one that was purchased at Wal-Mart. Since there are no laws governing who can be a website provider it is up to you to know what you are doing.

With most people having no idea what is involved in website hosting the door is open for anyone to scam the average user. And the season is open on website owners. Constantly targeted by people claiming to take you to the top of the search engines or provide a better website service or feature.

Dealing with a company like bumblebeeworks gives you a piece of mind. A support system that can provide honnest answers and realistic outlooks on website returns. We wont over inflate your ego and sell you extra services or promise you the sky. If you are looking for a website that will make you the next google, then you will need to contact one of those scammers selling you a dream.

We work in reality and can help you build a functional profesional website that will assist your business. We have complete control of the software and hardware and can customize the system as needed. We are in control and are not dependant of service providers or larger hosting companies. Despite our small size, we offer the same reliability that the megahosts can provide.

Because of our small size we can provide personal assistance to our clients and work with you to build the best possible website.

Its the best of both worlds with you reaping the benefit.