BumblebeeWorks Moves To pageBuzz

Bumblebeeworks started in 2004 as the base platform for the "
do it yourself website" created by The Cyber Web Inc. In less than 1 year the system had already evolved so far past the original design that an entirely new network was created under the pageBuzz.com trademark.

The new system was the result of the hosting customers wanting more from the online sitebuilder. While bumblebeeworks.com was a great entry into the CMS market, once customers realized they could manage their own websites easily they wanted more of the tools used by professionals.

We never expected our users to create css menus and edit html but they did and continue to evolve as technology becomes a regular part of everyone's daily routine.

pageBuzz has grown and take a huge bite out of the website hosting market. The online tools now rival any offline website tools and has become popular with many experienced webmasters and developers.

The old BumblebeeWorks brand still has a solid base and encompasses all of our companies outside holdings that help support the entire hosting network. So the importance of maintaining bumblebeeworks.com is just as important as pageBuzz.com.

Now at the end of 2010, six full years after starting Bumblebeeworks we have moved the entire website to the pageBuzz hosting network.

Why would a website host move to another host? Because pageBuzz.com is just that good. The tools that have been developed and are in place are more powerful that anything we even imagined at bumblebeeworks. The site stats are amazing letting us track search engine placement and bot activity. The backup system is flawless with so much redundancy that downtime is almost nonexistant. The online tools and capacity just exceed even our wildest expectations.

We wanted to show our customers how much we belive in pageBuzz and just how powerful it really is. By moving our own websites to pageBuzz we are saying there is nothing else out there that compares in the site builder market. The fact that our original hosting platform can now be hosted on our newest platform displays the vast amount of growth we have accomplished in just a few short years.

This is an invitation to anyone that would like to start a website hosting service to look at the pageBuzz.com website hosting reseller program as a possible option. Give your customers tools that you could never develop on your own and if you did, the cost would price you out of the mainstream market.

pageBuzz.com have just exceeded everything we expected. The growth in our customer base is awesome, the tools we offer are unmatched.

Now we are moving all of our own website over to the online site builder because it makes sens, save us time and money and takes our sites to new levels that we can't reach on an outside network.