One of the biggest problems our e-commerce hosting customers have is understanding what is important in business. Most have never run a business ao their e-commerce website is their first step into entrepenuership.

Without years of businss experience people are stuck on what they have observed about other businesses. They base their business model on what they see and what they see at other busineses is often the result of years of growth and hard work.

The biggest problem I see is that people are all about the image and getting their website to look like everyone esles business. They want flashy banners and a home page that looks like the opening creadits of a hollywood motion picture. Those movie openings don't come cheap, take countless man hours by dedicated and experienced people.

So the average person paying $10 a month for a website should not expect the same level of design. People need to understand their products, market and abilities.

There is nothing wrong with a plain website with your products for sale. It does not have to be the Taj Mahal of websites for people to buy from you. And seriously, when you are selling handmade candles or craft items your customers don't expect to see a walmart style wesite.

We work with people tirelessly for weeks and sometimes months as they change the design over and over, add and subtract ad never get what they want. They will never get what they want because they don't know how and don't have the budget to hire an expensive designer.

Usually after several month they just give up and cancel their website. Oh, sure they will be back in 6 months to try again, but usually to the same result.

The worst part is that they neer add products, they never add information about their business they never spend any time marketing the website they just obsess on the design aspect of the website.

Look people, you are not selling websites, you are selling products. All you need is a basic design which we provide over 1000 templates to get you started, and upload your products for sale.

Our customers that take the simple route usually do very well. Since their time is not wasted trying to get the perfect design they spent their first 6 months selling products.

Sure the website wont win the design of the year award, but their business model just might.

Make sure you understand what is important in ecommerce. The most important part of e-commerce is the commerce or selling products and services online. If you spend all of your time getting dressed and never actually get to work, sure you look great, but there is no paycheck at the end of the week.

While most people do understand the paycheck analogy, they seem to get lost when it comes time to run their own ebusiness. If you think the design is that important then don't even open your store, your priorities are skewed.

All too often people tell us they cannot host with us because we do not have a template that has an image with their products. We don't have a template for this or that. Or the template we have is not the right color.

If you look at our website hosting system with hundreds of features and tools and bypass it because it did not have a red template for hand carved christmass candles then you are foolish.

You need a strong ecommerce platform which we have and the design is secondary in any business. You can always get a design, buy a template or have one made. But the ecommerce tools you need to run your business are critical. You should be choosing a website host based on that and not who has the template you need.