The bumblebeeworks and pagebuzz website hosting systems both use a simple process to add or insert programs into pages. The process may seem complicated to those just getting started but anyone will quickly realize it is the simplest way to accomplish the task.

Each program is already installed in the network. To use a program you simply need to add it to any current page. Each program has a simple inclusion code unqique to that program. The code tells the page to look for that program and add it to the page.

The inclusion cods are a non alphanumeric string consisting of four percent signs, a directive and a program name seperated by a dash or minus symbol. It loks like this:


Anyplace that the code is added the actual program inteface will appear.

This lets anyone add programs such as shopping carts, blogs, calendards, classifieds, calculators, used car dealer galleries, photo gallers and much more to any page on a website.

To find the program you are looking for, locate the program under the manage programs section of the CMS or search the web page building help section.

Once you know the code for the program you just try the code into any web page.

Each program will have it's own configuration page which is nothing more than filling informs to get the page set up the way you want it. For example, the text size or in the case of galleries the size of the images, small, medium or large and basic setting like that.

Some programs require more details such as colors and styles but all will work with the default settings if you never configure the program.

At other website hosts you will have to istall php or cgi programs using ftp, changing file permissions and editing each program with the file paths for your webserver and web directories. It is difficult to install a program unless you have programming experience. Even experienced designers have trouble trying to install programs in websites.

That is percisely why we have created the simple inclusion code system on bumblebeeworks. We do all the hard work, you jst type in the programs you want to use, giveanyone access to loads of programs that they would never be able to install themselves.

After running programming services for years we realized that the average person would never learn how to write and compile C code to add a shopping cart or photo gallery to a website but they still need it. That meant there was a market for a simple product that anyone could use.

We think we have meet that need with our simple solution. We continue to add new programs ad add new features to existing programs to keep up with teh evolving ineternet. You can read more about the sitebuilder updates and improvements in our help section for an idea of how active our site builder sevelopment really is.