Getting Started Building Your First Webpage

The first time is always the most difficult so don't get excited when you don't know what you are doing. Think back to when it took weeks to learn how to tie your shoes as a child. Leaning new things is just not as simple as we would like.

The make matters worse, webpages are very complex and require a knowledge of HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS, CGI, PHP ad FTP. Just learning what all of those things are will be alot of work.

But then you have the online sitebuilders that take away the learning curve. Sort of like velcro straps on your sneakers rather than shoelaces. Something to make your life easier.

Using a sitebuilder can be as easy as typing a letter or using any other peogram to build a simple page. Now I know most of you went to school and had to do reports and write papers, most likely on some type of computer or typewriter. If you are lucky, they had computers when you were in school, but the older people are getting their first experience with computers. Either way, you should be familiar with a keyboard and at least typing an email.

Building a website with bumblebeeworks is not any harder than typing an email.

To get started, you click on edit pages, then add a new page. Open the editor ad start typing just like email. Add photos, just like you would in an email and then save it. You are now published on the web.

How much more simple could it be?

Well, building complex sites can be much more work but anyone that can updae a facebok page, make a tweet fom an iphone or send an email has the skills to build a simple website. offers tools for e-commerce, calendars, graphics, photo galleries and most of teh tools people need from a website for under $10 a month.

That means anyone that can type an email can run an online e-commerce business ad make money online.

In the past, building a website was quite a chore needing all the skills mentioned earlier. Now, people can manage large estores from their cell phones. Tools like the BumblebeeWorks Sitebuilder make it simple and efficient to run an online business or website. So getting started building a website is as easy as 1 2 3. There are no more excuses for not having your business online and become part of the 20th century.