Opportunities for Website Hosting Resellers

Traditionally website hosting resellers have offered nothin more than base ft and email. They manage accounts using cpanel and FHM. While it is an effective way to make some cash, the people using the product are most likely capable of doing the same thing and the only reason they are a customer is because they don't realize they are using  a reseller.

As the bigger companies get more of a foothold in the industry it becomes harder and harder for resellers to offer anything of value. With the big 10 offering unlimited everything, why would anyone want to buy hosting from you when you charge the same for 100MB of disck space and limited bandwidth?

It is time for resellers to take the next step and offer a better product like the pageBuzz.com sitebuilder with all the tools and programs a person with no experiece needs. Tools that ill keep those customers with you for years and years and not just until they find somethin better.

The sitebuilder market is bigger than the FTP market. There are many more people that don;t know how to manage a website than people that do. That is why companies like godaddy, intuit and google have all jumped into the online sitebuilder market. But like everything that big companies do, they dump loads of cash on the problem and little insight into the market and customer needs.

At Bumblebeeworks we have developed our site builder over nearly a decade of working with hosting customers. Other companies like homestead now quickbooks have been around longer, their product remains unchanged and undeveloped.

The evolution of the internet has not happened because people are leaning more, it has happend because companies like ours have made it easier to use.

Offering businesses better products, more user friendly and reliable is the key. While our competitors use low end cheap servers crammed with unlimted accounts, we use enterprise level servers with low loads and fewer users. Our combination means faster more reliable websites.

Business owners do not need 2TB of disk space, they need a website people can get to fast, from computers, cell phones, ipads and so on. Who carse if you have 1.9TB of free space? They care about the fact that when users access their website it says, "server is too busy, try again later" or they get no response at all. This problem is all too common on unlimited plans.

As resellers you know that you are on a reseller server which is being broken up into unlimted accounts sometimes severs have 5,0000 or more ftp accounts but only a handful of users can be supported at any onne time.

This is killing your business and doing nothing for the customer.

Unfortunately most reslllers are young and have little business experience, so the primary factor is price. The look for an account they can buy for $20 or less and charge $10 per customer with possibly hundreds of customers using the same $20 worth of resources.

If you want to buid a real business you will need to start looking at spending a few more dollars on your product.

Site builder like Bumblebeeworks.com are definetly more expensive and sold per account. But you can charge more for a better service and keep customers longer.

Sure, you are never going to be able to offer hosting for $2.99 a month. But why would you? There is no money in it and people that only want to spend $3 are not the best customers you can get. They often never renew or can't pay when it is time to renew. They will look for something even cheaper or free and then move.

If you want to build a bette base of loyal customers you need to look at better products, think about spending a few more dollars and stop wasting time selling junk plans.