Website Hosting Affiliate Programs

For years we watched the top websitehosting companies offer huge affiliate commissions for sending refferals. We struggled to ay $10 per signup and could never motivate anyone to send us clients.

That has changed as we have grown and become much more profitable. Our new website hosting sales agents program pays $75 for every new signup.

The program was originally set up to support a base of outside sales people we were hiring. As more and more interest grew for the program we added full web support and tracking so anyone could add a link to a website, blog, facebook page or so on and earn $75 per sign up.

With the large volume of hosting customers we had that became our primary sales base. Now we have more money going out to many customers than they pay us.

It is hard to give away 120% of your profit to build a business, but it is a necessary part of marketing. One that we are heavily enguage in currenty.

That means there is a load of cash on the table for anyone that want to earn it. We pay 100% of the first 3 months and 50% of the next 9 months for each referral. So the person that send the customer to us makes more than we do.

Making fast cash with our affiliate program is very easy, just sign up for an account at and start posting links online. We pay every Friday for any commissions due. Now wait time, no big holds, If customers pay, the commissions go out the same week.

This program has been a huge bonus for our company. We have thousnads of people selling our product, we are supporting a bad economy with cash jobs and we are buildiing our own customer base.

It is one of the best programs we have initiated since we opened this service in 2004. We have countless sales people living off of the weekly commissions and we feel good about being part of a larger market and supportng people not only with technology but with jobs.