Rental Property Availability Calendar

Another one of our specialty programs is our Rental Property Availability Calendar which allows vacation rental property owners the ability to easily mark and display the days that the property is available for rent.

A simple interface uses check boxes to show if a date is available, pending or rented. The calendar is then displayed on the main website and anyone looking for a weekend that is available will see it.

This is a very popular program for our vacation rental websites. Previously our customers would use the standard calendar and fill in notes on the dates they had rented. But it was clumsy and ugly to see all the dates with text or notes on them. The new calendar is designed just for the application and uses colors to show the days status.

The new calendar is faster to mange and easier for potentail renters to browse though the months and get a quick overview of availability dates for any property.

The program allows for up to 100 properties which can be viewed in one single calendar listing all of the properties or individual calendars that can be placed on each properties page.

While the typical rental properties owner does not have 100 properties for rent our gold was to support hotel and motel owners renting rooms.

This allows small mom and pop operations with 10 or 20 rooms in vaction areas to run a great website showing when rooms are available for just $10 a month.

The rogram was immediately met with a great response and our base of proprty owners has grown quickly. Many did not even realize they needed a website but once they had one they said business went way up.

Lets face it, getting fod in the search engines is difficut, so people don't belive they will get customers. But that is not true at all with vacation rentals. If someone needs a room near Gator Lake FL, then they will search just for those websites. If that is your location you are only competing with the other ins, hotels, cabins and homes for rent in that area.

And lets face it, you don't need 10,000 people a day going to your website. If you get 10 and some of them book a room that $10 a month you are spending is well worth it.

People often miss out on what the internet can provide because they don't see the big picture. Your hotel or home will not become the next facebook. But you could increase your bookings and that means more money.

There is no form of advertising today better for the rental property market than a website which can show the area, the property, pricing and availability.

We get people all the time that say they don't need a website, they use craigslist to advertise vacation property. That is great, but if your customer is 500 miles away how can they see what they will get? Without a website and photos and information it is very hard to close a sale. Equally, if yor website is not that informative it is just as bad as not having a website at all.

So we have added the extra tools such as the rental availability calendar so those business owners could capitalize on potential that is going to their competition.

If you are not online, then when people look for you online you will not get the business. If your business is lagging and you rent vaction properties it is likely that you either don;t have a website or your website is just not that good. Take a look at what everyone else is doing and get on the band wagon. It is nevr to late to get your rental property online.