At least make an honest effort when build web pages

I cannot tell you how many customer I yell at about their websites. They call up to complain that they don't have any traffic to their website or when they do, they don't get any sales.

So I will go and look at what they have to see what the problem is. But almost every time i see a terrible website with 2 or 3 pages with less than 2 paragraphs on each page.

When I ask people what they expect the search engines to list them for they give me a huge list of terms. When I ask them why those terms are not on the pages they don't have a response. I ask them how can you be found for those things if you don't have them on your website?

Everyone expcts the website to build itself, get lots of new customers and make them rich. It wont and you are a fool if you think that.

If you have a product from fishing lures to rental property people will find your website and when they do they will decide if they want to buy what you have based on what they see. If they see "BUY HERE NOW" and that is it, they probably will move to another website with more information.

It is critical to keep your visitor engaged. If they don't like what they see, the next seller is one click away. And that means your customer is gone for good.

I am amazed at how many business owners just make no effort on their website. If you can't write information about your product then it is not worth buying.

I con't care if you clean houses or sell sneakers, you should know something about what you do. You should be an expert at what you do. So make people realize you are.

If you clean houses and people see your website, they expect to see samples of your work, what type of equipment you have, how many employees, your rates and so on. You have one chance to dazzle them and then they are gone.

If you are building a business you know that successful businesses are built one customer at a time. So you cannot afford to lose even one customer when you have them on your website.

If your website is not representitive of your business then you will do just that, lose customers.

It does not take a huge effort to take pictures and upload them. It does not take a huge effort to write a few articles or blog entries about what you do. If it is, then people will think you are not going to do a good job.

I ill ask people what they do, and after about 5 minutes i cut them off and say, what don't you have that on your website? They can talk for hours about what they do, but they fail to communicate it to their web visitors.

We can give you all the advanced tools to build website pages but if you don't use them then it is pointless.

If you mahe an honset effort building your website,take time and add lods of content you will be successful with it. But if you just slap up a few pages with nothing informative at all, then just don't bother. Beacuse you will be wasting our time and yours and never get anything from your website.