eMail Forwarding

At website hosting we use a process called email forwarding to manage email accounts. The reason we do not host accounts is very simple, in tis day in age of the internet and techology there are very few people that do not have access to and use regularly email. Those people do not typically want to have multiple accounts to chechk each day and mange.

So what we do is give you the ability to forward all our your email at your website to any other existing account.

This lets anyone manage all of their mail from one account, so that when an order mail comes in, you get it immediaely in your regular mail. Resonding to orders or website customers in the fastest possible time is key to customer relations. if you only get a few emails a week, you can't check a seperate box every few hours a day, it is a terrible waste of resources.

As your business grows you might like to move the business mail to an email account of its own. That is a simple as typing the new email address into the management console and submitting it. Now all the mail sent is being redirected to a new mailbox.

If that does not seem simple, image the alternative with pop3 accounts and advertisning mail addresses that now do not exist. If you used an email and wanted to change it, you can take back all the people that now email you at the old address, so you need to manage two accounts to handle your mail.

But with our mail forwarding process you have not chnaged anything on the customers end. The email address is the same, but you have a new way of managing it.

Changing phone numbers or email addresses can criple a business. Every business knows that all the work they have done advertising their phone number over the last years will be gine and people will not have the new number. Email is the same. When someoe emails you and the mail comes back because you nolonger have the address, they assume you are out of business and you just lost a customer.

Having a system in place to prevent that is critical. After working wth tens of thousnads of businesses we have created the best and easiest to manage solution for the email problems with website hosting.

Our company takes all of the headaces out of managing your website's email. You do not have to set up complex pop3 accounts or learn how to manage mx records in cpanel. All you have to understand is what email you want to get mail at and where you want it to go.

Like most of our sitebuilder tools, we just make it easier that the other website hosting companies.