I started this blog a few weeks ago on BumbleBeeWorks.com to create a library of information about our business and to help people decide on what hosting company is best for their business and website.

As I began to use the blog I found that it was living up to it's name, the simple blog. While it was very simple to use and build content fast, it needed a few more things to make it more search engine and developer friendly.

For example, we added "share this" icons from a default account and there was no way to change that or even remove it. The page has one style, everything on it is there to stay. tha was fine, it seemed to work for everyone hosting with us, but as a developer I was not happy with something so simple.

So I added a full configuration page which allows for custom html in he share icons, enabling and disabling of almost all the features.

One feature was the addition of the RSS feed. The icons appeared in the page even if you disabled the rss feed under the main program interface. If I don't use the RSS I don't want to show people that I do. So that will now disapear if the rss feed is disabled.

The calendar and search can be removed with just one click. The font size can be changed and you can set the number of posts on each page.

The biggest SEO improvement was to allow a summary on the pages rather than the entire post. This helps the permalink pages establish a higher page rank and page position in the search engines.

While we always take feedback from customers and improve programs it is difficult to get the programs well suited fr webmasters when none of our hosting customers have any webmaster experience. So as we develop our own websites on pageBuzz.com we tend to learn much more about what advanced webmasters would need.

There was certainly nothing wrong with the blog program at all. In fact it was about the simplest program to use for web blogging. But with more and more webmasters depending on bloging tools as content management systems it is important that we up our game.

I am not really sure why anyone would use a blog as a content management system when system like pageBuzz.com have detailed and comprehensive management systems that make blogs seem like childrens coloring books. But there are many webmasters that don't really have the experience they need to build complex websites, so they look to blogs for the soulution to their need for a CMS.

That means that when business owners realize the blog they are using just won't do what they need, they still want a blog interface to mange content. So our simple blog is a great solution since it is just one of the many programs in our CMS.

We continue to improve bumblebeeworks and pageBuzz with new toy and tools. The system gets more user friendly every day and the tools for top developers get even better.

As we transition all of our company owned website from outside servers to the pageBuzz CMS we will learn many more things that we have missed along the way. Once we have all of our website hosted on pageBuzz we will have all the tools in place that we will ever need and all the options we could ever thik of.

And the best part? The price never changes no matter how much more we add or offer.

Imagine buying a car that would get new technology every year, or a house that was remodeled every year. What we offer in our CMS is truely unique and meets a need that has long been avoided.