Everyone wants to know how to get to the number one position on google. If I get less than 50 calls a week asking that question it is a slow week.

Of course I tell everyone, we are a hosting company and we do not have any control over where you appear in the search engines. That is completely up to you and your responsibility to manage.

But everyone thinks there is a magical button to push, add a few keywords and people will now find you under those keywords. As a matter of fact a lady last week called and was completely surprised when I told her that her 3 day old website was not in google yet and that it was unlikely anyone would find her for her desired keywords. For a second I thought she fainted.

How can that be? she asked. She, like everone else thought you just tell goole that you want to be #1 for jewelry and people will come to your website that you spent all of 30 minutes building.

Seriously, if it was that easy then everyone with $10 to blow on a website would be a millionaire.

We provide countless article and resources for search engine optimization. We have reports of download speeds, keywords and evensearch engine performance. We provide submission tools and link backs all as standard parts of the hosting package. So we give you everything you need, but you need to use it and you need to build a website that is worthy of being included in google.

If you spend 5 minutes on your website and you have all of 200 words combined on all the pages, don't expect google to give you the time of day.

I asked the lady, why do you expect to be number one in google? Do you think google should put your3 day old  5 page website in front of companies that have thousands of pages and have been online for 15 years? Do you think that your $10 can buy a better position in google than walmart that spends $1million dollars?

People need to get a grip on all this seo crap they read. Do the math on the number of searches done daily and the number of sites that have similar content. Google offers amazing tools showing trends of searches, how amny are done and even offers similar searches for reference.

A good webmaster will use that data and build hundreds of pages with quality content to maximize natural search traffic. That means spensing hundreds of hours doig that with absolutely no guarantees.

So if you are building a website for your small business, you need to understand who you are competing with for those serps. Webmasters with 10 years of seo experience or more that ahve degees in computing and work 100 hour weeks on their website.

hinking you can break into the top positions with a 5 page home made website is like thinking you can win te olympics for anything without any training or practice.

We all think we can do things, but lets take a deep breath and understand you can't push a button and get to #1 on google.

Now, here is where I flip the cards. Because every website will be #1 on google for something as long as it has quality content.

Our seo page position report will show you what people are finding your website for and show what keyword phrases you are #1 or on what pages of google you appear.

While you may not be number one for jewelry, you could be #1 for "jewelry in florida", or "gold bracelets with diamonds".

So it is importnat not to get hung up in what keywords you wat to be found for and concentrate on getting some content on your pages so you will be found for something.

I tell everyone, don't worry about SEO. Build your website for your customers, add lost of rich text pages and good items descriptions and in time people will find your pages.

As I said, everyone is #1 in google for something, so stop trying to win the contest and just get started by entering the race. With hard work and effort, you will get rewards. If you want the easy route, you just will not find it.

If anyone tells you any different, they are full of crap and are taking you for a ride. If you decde to go for teh ride, don't say we did not warn you and don't be upset when you end up with nothing.