Run Your One Rate and Review Website

Have you ever considered running a review website? Maybe a local restaurant review or a review of local bars or bsinesses? Letting vistors write reviews and rate the businesses?

The question is how and whre do you look for the website to do that? That is a question we asked ourselves and could not find the answer. Without being able to write programs of buy software and modify it, we could not find a viable solution for people to do that.

So of course we create programming to allow anyone to build their own rate and review website. Simple configuration and advanced settings allow the novice or an experienced developer to quickly set up and manage a site to handle visitor reviews.

In this world of web 2.0 we are already at web 2.5 or higher with our user interactive programming. The new rate and review web program is an great example of what we do.

The program allows for the input of 1000 unique topics, businesses or products to review. With 250 revies per item that is 250,000 reviews on your website for $10 a month.

I guess that price is no surprise with and our inexpensive website hosting but what is truely amazing is that we just keep adding new programs that everyone can use for the same $10 a month. No extra fees ever for using additional programs.

Unlike our competition we do not charge for each option you use. So that means the new rate and review program for websites is available to anyoone that chooses to use it.

There is no secrect about user generated content having top placement in the searches, google, bing and yahoo. But getting that content to your website has been difficult for webmasters. This new program will let anyone set up a review type website in minutes. Let thousands of visitors post reviews and move your website to #1 in google, bing and yahoo.

The program has a simple to use admin panel that will let the website owner manage security settings, approve and remove reviews and customer comments, add filters and change the designs.

One cool feature is the rating icons. We created a gallery of common rating icons such as stars, ribbons and thumbs up. Anyone can choose any of those icons for the ratings display or upload your own. This small but effictive feature lets you really customize the look of the website. If you rate pet shops you can upload a puppy icon and rate the shoops from 1 to 5 puppies. Look, thi shop is rated at 2 and a half puppies rather than 2 and a half stars.

It seems like a small detail but it is our attention to detail that makes this program one of the top rate and review programs available. It may be the only review program available in a website hosting package or sitebuilder.

We certainly think outside the box and try to bring programs that you just can't find anyplace else. With such limited availability of these programs we could charge an aran and a leg for them, but we don't. We add it in for free so all of our customers can use it as part of the website builder.