Custom Website Database

In our flurry of adding new programs we decided to add a custom website databes to the site builder. This is an unusual program for a sitebuilder since sitebuilders are typically for people that do not know how to build websites. And databases are complicated and require some experience to build.

But we are changing how people think about building websites. We are making it possible for anyone to build their own website and with that occuring there is a real need for more advanced programs such as customizable databases.

This first database is small at 2500 recours with 30 data fields each or a total of 75,000 data fields. But that is more than enough for most applications.

With the new database program anyone can add, manage, import and export data records. Advanced tools let you upload data from programs like MS Acccess, Excell or other spread sheets and populate the entire website.

Have up to 2500 data driven pages using this custom database. The number of possible applications is just to big to grasp but it does require some understanding of using databases to drive content.

On the other hand, it can be used in a more simple manner to deliver searchable data to customers. With great default settings and search configuration anyone can upload any CSV or delimited file and let customers search it.

This program is useful when additional product data is needed or product data is based on application. Customers could search for their applicationand get part numbers, links to products or details about the producst they need.

Since each product has many applications, for example auto parts. It is impossible to list all the applications in the product details. But creating a datase of applications and the parts they need makes more sense.

We hope that webmasters and devlopers will embrace the databse and build dynamic applications and data driven pages. But we know that many of our customers have needs for searchable databases that can be quickly updated with new data.

This new program is part of our commitment to meet the needs of experienced web developers and provide advanced tools for website design.

We have been looked down on by "Self Proclaimed Professionals" because have cartoon characters on our websites. But the truth is, we offer some of the most advaced tools and even the top webmasters have not been able fully use their capabilities. Our site builder platform puts all others to shame and any webmaster that sees it differently does not know what they are doing.

Our tools give total control of the pages to the webmaster. The trouble is, that is too much control for most webmasters. Understanding html and css is a basic in the websites building tool box, but many webmasters do not have a clue what they are or how to use them.

If you are one of the elite webmasters that actully knows what you are doing then you will love this database program. It allows you to build custom results tables and display pages. But that means you need to create an html template that is populated by the datafields.

If you don't know what that means then you are not an experienced webmaster and there is no need to down play our system because of your own shortfalls.

We provide extemely advanced tools right allong side of out click and drag tools and if you don't know how to use them it is not because our system is weak, but because your ability to use them is weak.

Any real webmaster will agree with us and is just as plagued by the flood of bad webmasters killing the market as we are. So when we talk about webmasters and developers we mean those that actaully can and not just those that say they can.

Many customers get duped by wannabe webmasters, so we are giving the average Joe the ability to do what they would expect from the top webmasters.

The databse will elevate the average user to webmaster status and the webmasters of old that claim to know everything will be out looking for new victims.

If you are a business that has been taken advantage of by a bad webmaster you know what we mean. Don't let a webmaster scare you into using another platform. We have all the tools here at that you need and you can manage them yourself. Even complex programs like databases.

Unfortnately, it is often easier for a webmaster to tell you to avoid something rather than learn how to use it. So many of our advanced tools site idle because the skillset of the users is weak. But make no mistake, the tools are there if you need them and they are powerful as all hell.