Will my website get search engine traffic?

I get an email from a potential customer and they asked if they will get search engine traffic if they build a website on our system. It is a very common question and generally the person means to ask "if I build a website will I start making money fast?".

We always try to be as honest as possible without answering emails with 10 pages of text. So I told this person that they would get search engine traffic but it would take time before the search engines listed the website and when they do, it wont be enough traffic to make a living and you will still need to advertise to get more sales.

The person writes back and says they are a stay at home parent and don't have much money so our system will not work for them, they need a website host that will get them in the search engines fast so they can make money fast and they would look for a better host.

A BETTER HOST? I don't know if I was more offended or stunned at the comment. A better host, one that will be better in the search engines.

So this person will keep looking until some dishonest person tells them what they want to hear and sign up thinking this is just that easy.

Look people, if it was that easy everyone woul be millionaires.

You cannot open a website and all of a sudden people start showing up buying products with no advertising, no work and no investment. Why would anyone think they can open a website today and get more traffic than the other nearly 1 trillion pages on the internet?

Do you seriously think that you can open a store for $20 and start competing with walmart, target and other major companies that spend billions to run their companies?

The internet is a great place to sell and anyone can make money with an online store but it will never be as easy as just building it, sitting back and collecting the money.

If you find a host that tells you it will be as easy as baking a pie, they are full of crap and will take you for every penny you have.

It is concerning that in 2011 there are still people running around thinking this is 1999 and everyone can make money online overnight.

You are competing with millions of other stores and websites, you are 10 years behind the curve, have no search engine placement, no link backs, no nothing. You are starting at ground zero and it will be a long climb to the top.

Anyone can get there, but not by stitting on their ass and watching TV infomercials.

You will need to advertise, promote and generate sales. You will need to pull out every trick to compete and work hard as long as possible. The more you put in, the more you get out.

You will not necessairily need to spend loads of cash. You can promte in forums, on facebook, free classified and so on. But that takes time and effort and the process is slow.

Most of our website customers already have a brick and moter business, so the website is an instant hit with their existing customers. If you don't have any customers you have to go out and get them from people who have been in business for decades.

Our company is a real example of starting with no customers and building and we have been incredibly successful. But we work 14+ hour days 7 days a week now for more than 10 years building our company. So when people expect to have our success overnight, I have to laugh.

If anyone understands the success you can reach, we do. Making millions of dollars online from home we are well aware of the potential of the internet.

What astounds me is that there are still people that think they can open a store and make a million dollars overnight with no effort. And as long as those people exist, there will be companies that tell them it is possible and scam them out of every dollar they have.

Don't be a website idiot! Learn the truth about what it takes to make money online and listen when you get good advice. Don't look for someone that tellls you what you want to hear, they are not your friend.