With the invention of web 2.0 we have tried to keep customers happy with updates to designs and styles. When we opened this hosting platform in 2003 the internet was much different than it is today in 2011 so we have had to make changes, add programs and features to keep up.

One of the features our pageBuzz.com platform had over the bumblebeeworks.com was the ability to have a custom titlespace image in a plain layout. This allowed the page to consist of mostly colors and a simple image accross the top of the page. With a rectangular image at the top it allows almost any design for any business.

The only problem with that idea is that people need to be creative enough to build thoes images. We quickly found that if we did not have what they needed they would just give up. Since we can't build milions of images and even if we did, people could not browse through millions of images we sort of abandon the whole idea.

As our hosting base grows we are getting more and more people that can actually build images and need the feature. As they use it, our existing customers have asked for more stock graphics so they too can take advantage of the new looks.

To help with the rush to our titlespace gallery we have added 1000 new images that can be modified using the deluxe titlespace builder.

It is important for everyone to realize that the titlespaces are just a string point for the title area. They were never intended to be used as is. We have creaed a full set of tools to add images, logos. text and links to the titlespaces.

Additionally we have a graphics libarary of more than 10,000 stock images and clip art graphics that can be added using the drag and drop tool.

Of course this means you have to do a little work to build your website. You can't just click on a design and have it done. You have to choose a titlespace blank, add some text and save it. All in all it should take about 10 minutes.

All I can say is if it is not worth 10 minutes to do it, then you probably don't have the apptitude to build a website.