Custom Layout Builder

For years we had a set number of basic and advanced layouts that users could choose from. However, with the addition of new css tools, shopping cart menus and advanced features it is impssible to keep up with all the options people would like to have.

As part of the Deluxe Web Tool Suite we have added a custom layout builder. This is a realtime layout designer that lets anyone custom design a page layout without knowing anything about html, css or websites in general.

Just click your way to the design you like. Select from menu options, menu location, size, color, border locations and sizes and more.

This unique tool uses slide bars to toggle the border sizes and colors so you can see an actaul prevoew of the page as you make tiny adjustments. It is unique in every way and very simple to understand.

I think we have exceeded everyone's expectations with the new tool suite and the response from customers has been overwhelming.

It has never been easier to build a website than it is today on The tools are more powerful and easier to use. As technology grows so does our hosting platform. What was once an over simplified basic 5 page website builder has grown into one of the most popular website development platforms.

With the addition of the deluxe tools we are now merging the tools for developer and novice users. The tools are so easy to use and so simple to grasp everyoone can be a professional developer and mange their own website.