The Simple CSS Menu Builder

Last year we created a simple ss menu builder. Just set the colors, select a style and you have a custom css style menu.

Well, now we have updated that concept with a WYSIWYG CSS Menu Builder.

The new tool which is part of the Deluxe Web Tool Suite for pageBuzz shows a real time preview of the menu as you make changes. Watch your actual menu change width, colors roll over effects and you move the slidebars and select new colors.

The new menu has many upgrades. The new menu allows for headings above the menu and an option to chnage the text.

Our previous e-commerce menus listed the headings in plain text with the words "Information" and "Shop Online". While the could be changed by modifying the html in the menu file we found very few people capable or interested in making the effort. The new tool lets you easily change the text, the text color, font and size and shows you exactly what it looks like as you make the changes.

The upgraded tools are built on the existing platform and are obvious innovations in the same technology. For our current uses, they get upgrades. But for anyone that has not had the pleasure of using our existing tools these new tools are like discovering gold in your own backyard.

The insight comes from years of working with customers over the phone. Tens of thousands of support hours leaning what people understand and what they want.

We feel that the new tools have hit the nail on the head. You can build complex CSS based websites in minutes and that is nothing to overlook.