Website Videos - How To Build Your Website

We finally added help videos to our website builder. The new videos offer a real time tutoral of each of the tools in the website site builder.

The addition of video help has been a great choice. Our users seem to find it much faster to use the short video demontration clips that read through help pages trying to understand terms and processes that are totally foregn to them.

By adding help videos that demonstrate how to build your website users are albe to see a real person using the tools.

I guess we should have though of this months or years ago, but our features development has been the center of attention. Now that we have developed new and simple to use interfaces it was important to show people how to use them.

It is so much easier to watch someone else do it than try to figure it out yourself and now our customers can do just that. Most of the video demonstrations are about 3 minutes which is short enough for even the most impatient business owner or novice webmaster. The videos are place on each page so you don't have to search a help section or leave the page you are working on. Just click the help video icon and whatch the demonstration, then resume working with the tool without losing the work you have done.

The entire process of creating the website help videos took about 1 month but was well worth the hundreds of hours of work.

Having demonstration videos realy takes pagebuzz / bumblebeeworks to a new level and far beyond our competition. If it was easy to use before, it is even easier now. It is like having a personal tutor to show you how to build your website instantly at any time.

We are excited about the new additions and plan to add more videos that will be more general in nature such as SEO tips, how to market websites, how to create specific designs and more general information about building websites.

With our sales agents program in full gear and commissions being paid every week this new help feature is making our expansion much smoother and easier for our support people as well as our customers.