Does your business need a website?

Businesses know that they need a website in todays market, so why do more than half of small businesses not have one?

It might be becuase the business owner is afraid of technology or just does not have time or is just too cheap to pay for one. There ae loads of reasons that business owners use to justify their lack of involvement in the internet. However, almost every business uses the internet, placing orders, communicating with customers and vendors and doing research. Most have internet based payment gateways for credit cards and rely on the internet to run their business, but they don't have a website.

I can understand when websites are as complicated as as they are. Often requiring extensive software and understanding of FTP, HTML and URLs and that is just to build a static page. If you want a website that does someting useful such as ecommerce, then it is even more complicated.

But here in an age where we have stopped sending peole to space becuase it is just to common there are solutions that work for businesses.

At and we have spent over a decade building tools that the average person can understand. Tools that work the same way other programs work, so it makes more sense.

With programs like the pageBuzz website builder there is n excuse for not having a business website. At just $20 a month cost should not be a factor either and with 7 day a week personal support, there is no excuse for not being able to do it.

The fact is, more and more businesses go out of business each day becuase they have not creaed a website. At one time it was a luxery but today it is a necessity.

With handheld devices maing up a huge portion of the webs traffic people are on the go and the internet is their source of information for shopping, eating and even socializing. So if you are not part of it, you are handicapping your business.

In the next decade it is unlikely that any business without a website will still be in business, so there really is no time for delay. Choosing to not have a website could be the last bad decision you make.

If you have been in business for a long time and do not have a website you probably were a hard head when pagers came out and then when cell phones hit you didn't think it would help your business and when computers came out you refused to use them becuase it was not needed for your business and so on and on.....

Now you look at the internet as an obstacle to business when it is actually as much a tool as any of the technology that you refused at one point.

The sad part is, if you had embraced the internet yeras ago, it would have helped grow your business. Now it is something that is required just to stay in business. You missed all the benefits the early adopters had and now it is just an expense and a hassle for your business. But still just as important as paying your phone bill a business today cannot survive without a website.

If you have been sitting on the sidelines all this time, get off your ass and get with the program before it is too late.