New Drag and Drop Page Editing

We have done it again, making building pages even easier with our new drag and drop page editor.

This new simplified editor has taken page building to new levels. Now no need for html or complicated tables to set content, just insert images, text or other elements and position them where you want them.

It is as simple as that!

The new technology is the result of almost a year of r&d working with many varriations of the tools until we had a user friendly system that would let anyone build a complex page.

For years people have struggle with simple concepts such as text next to an image and there was no solution other than educating them as to how it is done. It was frustrating for the customer and equally for support.

But now, we have an easy solution which has accelerated the pages on pageBuzz to new levels. Now pages once thought impossible without a webmaster degree from Harvard or Yale are completely doable.

Simple tools allow inserting images, linking images and text and positioning them where ever it is wanted. Additional tools allow for borders, spacing and background colors.

This new technology has helped our company grow at alarming rates because now anyone can truely build the pages they want to without any help.

If our company is not the biggest small business website host it is certainly the most innovative. We have created more programs and developed more technology than any other company in our market.

If you are not happy with the toos you have at your website host, then take a look at ours. We have more and it is easier to use. Our commitment to ading new technology is what brings programs like the drag and drop page editor to users.

The only way you can fully apreciate it is to try it. Login to our demo today and take a test drive, you won't want to go back to your clunker once you drive in website building luxery.