What products should you sell?

I always tell people not to try to sell what is popular. First of all, because everyone is doing it. Secondly, you need to sell something that you know and enjoy.

To make the site work, you will need pages with articles and descriptions of the products. if you don't enjoy what you are doing it will show.

You will find hundreds of articles on our websites that talk about website hosting. That is likely how you found us in the first place. If we were only in it for the money, we would not have much info to offer. Building help sections on pagebuzz with over 150 pages would be difficult. We would not pay someone to build that for us, because we have to support the clients in the end. We have to know what we are doing beyond any of our clients.

You will need to be the same. Don't sell cars just because it makes money. If you don't know anything about cars, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Choose an industry you like and something you are knowledgable about.

If you like making candles, sell candles. You will need to know the industry. You need to know where to advertise, how to get the product at the best price and what the sales margins are. If you don't know the product, you will be lost when a site talks about tea lights and votives.

It is not the product that matters, it is how you sell it.

Since your plan is to sell it online, you need to know how other sites are selling it, how much and what types of volumes they sell.

You could sell the product on ebay, but that would be ignoring the other 90% of the market. You need to know what that market is and how to get to it.

Having a sales plan is essential, but the next best thing is at least knowing something about the product you are trying to sell.