Custom Website Database January 22 2011
Custom Website Database In our flurry of adding new programs we decided to add a custom website databes to the site builder. This is an unusual program for a sitebuilder since sitebuilders are typically for people that do not know how to build websites. And databases are complicated and require some experience to build. But we are changing how people think about building websites. We are making it possible for anyone to build their own website and with that occuring there is a real need for more advanced programs such as customizable databases. This first database is small at 2500 recours with 30 data fields each or a total of 75,000 data fields. But that is more than enough for most applications. With the new database program anyone can add, manage, import and export data records. Advanced tools let you upload data from programs like MS Acccess, Excell or more

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Rate & Review Program January 22 2011
Run Your One Rate and Review Website Have you ever considered running a review website? Maybe a local restaurant review or a review of local bars or bsinesses? Letting vistors write reviews and rate the businesses? The question is how and whre do you look for the website to do that? That is a question we asked ourselves and could not find the answer. Without being able to write programs of buy software and modify it, we could not find a viable solution for people to do that. So of course we create programming to allow anyone to build their own rate and review website. Simple configuration and advanced settings allow the novice or an experienced developer to quickly set up and manage a site to handle visitor reviews. In this world of web 2.0 we are already at web 2.5 or higher with our user interactive programming. The more

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