At least make an honest effort when build web pages December 24 2010
At least make an honest effort when build web pages I cannot tell you how many customer I yell at about their websites. They call up to complain that they don't have any traffic to their website or when they do, they don't get any sales. So I will go and look at what they have to see what the problem is. But almost every time i see a terrible website with 2 or 3 pages with less than 2 paragraphs on each page. When I ask people what they expect the search engines to list them for they give me a huge list of terms. When I ask them why those terms are not on the pages they don't have a response. I ask them how can you be found for those things if you don't have them on your website? Everyone expcts the website to build itself, more

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Getting Started Building Your First Webpage December 20 2010
Getting Started Building Your First Webpage The first time is always the most difficult so don't get excited when you don't know what you are doing. Think back to when it took weeks to learn how to tie your shoes as a child. Leaning new things is just not as simple as we would like. The make matters worse, webpages are very complex and require a knowledge of HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS, CGI, PHP ad FTP. Just learning what all of those things are will be alot of work. But then you have the online sitebuilders that take away the learning curve. Sort of like velcro straps on your sneakers rather than shoelaces. Something to make your life easier. Using a sitebuilder can be as easy as typing a letter or using any other peogram to build a simple page. Now I know most of you went to school and more

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Adding Programs to Web Pages December 17 2010
The bumblebeeworks and pagebuzz website hosting systems both use a simple process to add or insert programs into pages. The process may seem complicated to those just getting started but anyone will quickly realize it is the simplest way to accomplish the task. Each program is already installed in the network. To use a program you simply need to add it to any current page. Each program has a simple inclusion code unqique to that program. The code tells the page to look for that program and add it to the page. The inclusion cods are a non alphanumeric string consisting of four percent signs, a directive and a program name seperated by a dash or minus symbol. It loks like this: %%include-programname%% Anyplace that the code is added the actual program inteface will appear. This lets anyone add programs such as shopping carts, blogs, calendards, classifieds, calculators, used more

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