New Drag and Drop Page Editing April 17 2012
New Drag and Drop Page Editing We have done it again, making building pages even easier with our new drag and drop page editor. This new simplified editor has taken page building to new levels. Now no need for html or complicated tables to set content, just insert images, text or other elements and position them where you want them. It is as simple as that! The new technology is the result of almost a year of r&d working with many varriations of the tools until we had a user friendly system that would let anyone build a complex page. For years people have struggle with simple concepts such as text next to an image and there was no solution other than educating them as to how it is done. It was frustrating for the customer and equally for support. But now, we have an easy solution which has more

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Does your business need a website? April 17 2012
Does your business need a website? Businesses know that they need a website in todays market, so why do more than half of small businesses not have one? It might be becuase the business owner is afraid of technology or just does not have time or is just too cheap to pay for one. There ae loads of reasons that business owners use to justify their lack of involvement in the internet. However, almost every business uses the internet, placing orders, communicating with customers and vendors and doing research. Most have internet based payment gateways for credit cards and rely on the internet to run their business, but they don't have a website. I can understand when websites are as complicated as as they are. Often requiring extensive software and understanding of FTP, HTML and URLs and that is just to build a static page. If you want a more

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Help Videos Added May 15 2011
Website Videos - How To Build Your Website We finally added help videos to our website builder. The new videos offer a real time tutoral of each of the tools in the website site builder. The addition of video help has been a great choice. Our users seem to find it much faster to use the short video demontration clips that read through help pages trying to understand terms and processes that are totally foregn to them. By adding help videos that demonstrate how to build your website users are albe to see a real person using the tools. I guess we should have though of this months or years ago, but our features development has been the center of attention. Now that we have developed new and simple to use interfaces it was important to show people how to use them. It is so much easier to watch more

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CSS Menu Builder March 7 2011
The Simple CSS Menu Builder Last year we created a simple ss menu builder. Just set the colors, select a style and you have a custom css style menu. Well, now we have updated that concept with a WYSIWYG CSS Menu Builder. The new tool which is part of the Deluxe Web Tool Suite for pageBuzz shows a real time preview of the menu as you make changes. Watch your actual menu change width, colors roll over effects and you move the slidebars and select new colors. The new menu has many upgrades. The new menu allows for headings above the menu and an option to chnage the text. Our previous e-commerce menus listed the headings in plain text with the words "Information" and "Shop Online". While the could be changed by modifying the html in the menu file we found very few people capable or interested in making more

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