Do you own your domain name? December 19 2010
Do you own your own domain or website name? If you found some link online to set up a website and ordered your domain name you had better make sure you own it. The website hosting induustry is one of the top 10 scams on the FTC watchlist. That totally sucks for the good companies in the industry but the fact is 90% of all website hosts are not good at all. Most are resellers that only sell serverices on other companies servers which in iteslf is not all that bad. But smaller companies that don't own their own eqipment tend to be unreliable and sometimes unethical. Since they don't have full control or administartive access to a network they are not in control of anything. They also have less to lose if they go belly up since their investment is minimal. Of course being a website hosting reseller more

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