Layout Builder March 7 2011
Custom Layout Builder For years we had a set number of basic and advanced layouts that users could choose from. However, with the addition of new css tools, shopping cart menus and advanced features it is impssible to keep up with all the options people would like to have. As part of the Deluxe Web Tool Suite we have added a custom layout builder. This is a realtime layout designer that lets anyone custom design a page layout without knowing anything about html, css or websites in general. Just click your way to the design you like. Select from menu options, menu location, size, color, border locations and sizes and more. This unique tool uses slide bars to toggle the border sizes and colors so you can see an actaul prevoew of the page as you make tiny adjustments. It is unique in every way and very simple to more

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Title Spaces March 7 2011
With the invention of web 2.0 we have tried to keep customers happy with updates to designs and styles. When we opened this hosting platform in 2003 the internet was much different than it is today in 2011 so we have had to make changes, add programs and features to keep up. One of the features our platform had over the was the ability to have a custom titlespace image in a plain layout. This allowed the page to consist of mostly colors and a simple image accross the top of the page. With a rectangular image at the top it allows almost any design for any business. The only problem with that idea is that people need to be creative enough to build thoes images. We quickly found that if we did not have what they needed they would just give up. Since we can't build more

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Will my website get search engine traffic? February 15 2011
Will my website get search engine traffic? I get an email from a potential customer and they asked if they will get search engine traffic if they build a website on our system. It is a very common question and generally the person means to ask "if I build a website will I start making money fast?". We always try to be as honest as possible without answering emails with 10 pages of text. So I told this person that they would get search engine traffic but it would take time before the search engines listed the website and when they do, it wont be enough traffic to make a living and you will still need to advertise to get more sales. The person writes back and says they are a stay at home parent and don't have much money so our system will not work for them, they more

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Custom Website Database January 22 2011
Custom Website Database In our flurry of adding new programs we decided to add a custom website databes to the site builder. This is an unusual program for a sitebuilder since sitebuilders are typically for people that do not know how to build websites. And databases are complicated and require some experience to build. But we are changing how people think about building websites. We are making it possible for anyone to build their own website and with that occuring there is a real need for more advanced programs such as customizable databases. This first database is small at 2500 recours with 30 data fields each or a total of 75,000 data fields. But that is more than enough for most applications. With the new database program anyone can add, manage, import and export data records. Advanced tools let you upload data from programs like MS Acccess, Excell or more

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