eMail Forwrarding December 30 2010
eMail Forwarding At website hosting we use a process called email forwarding to manage email accounts. The reason we do not host accounts is very simple, in tis day in age of the internet and techology there are very few people that do not have access to and use regularly email. Those people do not typically want to have multiple accounts to chechk each day and mange. So what we do is give you the ability to forward all our your email at your website to any other existing account. This lets anyone manage all of their mail from one account, so that when an order mail comes in, you get it immediaely in your regular mail. Resonding to orders or website customers in the fastest possible time is key to customer relations. if you only get a few emails a week, you can't check a seperate box more

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Marketing Your website Online December 27 2010
Marketing Your Website Online Every day we get people calling us and complaining that they did not make any money on their website. The first question we ask is what have they done to market their website? To which we usually get a brief moment of silence. If you expect a website to do the work for you, it wont. Your ecommerce websites are nothing more than cash registers and you have to get people to them to so you can sell the products you have for sale. Anyone that thinks that a website will do all the work probably thinks they can put a can on a table on their front lawn with a note, leave money and people will leave them money. You acually have a better change of someone leaving money in your can because you have people going by your hose and seeing the sign. more

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Do you plan to quit? December 25 2010
How long will it be before you quit? One of the biggest problems we see as a hosting company is that people start a website and then quit without ever giving it a chance. We have seen some amazing quitters over the years. If you plan on building a website or a business it will take time and effort. If you don't have what it takes to spend hours and hours on the website don't even bother signing up for one. It will take months and months or even years of hard work to have a successful business, so if you are ready to quit minutes after you start, don't waste your money. Everyone thinks if they build it, people will come. That is not true at all and it will take a serious effort to get even one person to your website. So be prepared for the long more

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At least make an honest effort when build web pages December 24 2010
At least make an honest effort when build web pages I cannot tell you how many customer I yell at about their websites. They call up to complain that they don't have any traffic to their website or when they do, they don't get any sales. So I will go and look at what they have to see what the problem is. But almost every time i see a terrible website with 2 or 3 pages with less than 2 paragraphs on each page. When I ask people what they expect the search engines to list them for they give me a huge list of terms. When I ask them why those terms are not on the pages they don't have a response. I ask them how can you be found for those things if you don't have them on your website? Everyone expcts the website to build itself, more

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