Getting Started Building Your First Webpage December 20 2010
Getting Started Building Your First Webpage The first time is always the most difficult so don't get excited when you don't know what you are doing. Think back to when it took weeks to learn how to tie your shoes as a child. Leaning new things is just not as simple as we would like. The make matters worse, webpages are very complex and require a knowledge of HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS, CGI, PHP ad FTP. Just learning what all of those things are will be alot of work. But then you have the online sitebuilders that take away the learning curve. Sort of like velcro straps on your sneakers rather than shoelaces. Something to make your life easier. Using a sitebuilder can be as easy as typing a letter or using any other peogram to build a simple page. Now I know most of you went to school and more

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Do you own your domain name? December 19 2010
Do you own your own domain or website name? If you found some link online to set up a website and ordered your domain name you had better make sure you own it. The website hosting induustry is one of the top 10 scams on the FTC watchlist. That totally sucks for the good companies in the industry but the fact is 90% of all website hosts are not good at all. Most are resellers that only sell serverices on other companies servers which in iteslf is not all that bad. But smaller companies that don't own their own eqipment tend to be unreliable and sometimes unethical. Since they don't have full control or administartive access to a network they are not in control of anything. They also have less to lose if they go belly up since their investment is minimal. Of course being a website hosting reseller more

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Adding Programs to Web Pages December 17 2010
The bumblebeeworks and pagebuzz website hosting systems both use a simple process to add or insert programs into pages. The process may seem complicated to those just getting started but anyone will quickly realize it is the simplest way to accomplish the task. Each program is already installed in the network. To use a program you simply need to add it to any current page. Each program has a simple inclusion code unqique to that program. The code tells the page to look for that program and add it to the page. The inclusion cods are a non alphanumeric string consisting of four percent signs, a directive and a program name seperated by a dash or minus symbol. It loks like this: %%include-programname%% Anyplace that the code is added the actual program inteface will appear. This lets anyone add programs such as shopping carts, blogs, calendards, classifieds, calculators, used more

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e-commerce basics December 16 2010
One of the biggest problems our e-commerce hosting customers have is understanding what is important in business. Most have never run a business ao their e-commerce website is their first step into entrepenuership. Without years of businss experience people are stuck on what they have observed about other businesses. They base their business model on what they see and what they see at other busineses is often the result of years of growth and hard work. The biggest problem I see is that people are all about the image and getting their website to look like everyone esles business. They want flashy banners and a home page that looks like the opening creadits of a hollywood motion picture. Those movie openings don't come cheap, take countless man hours by dedicated and experienced people. So the average person paying $10 a month for a website should not expect the same more

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